Sunday, January 10, 2016

                        Happy New Year!

     This is just a quick note of explanation for a notice about a new documentary about Scientology and separated families by a major  production company is real. It's not a Miss Cabbage "Special Operation" The notice is real clearly states what they are looking for. There are more situations that may apply than I could ever individually handle and I am not employed by them. I know how abused and afraid ex- Scientologist can be especially those newly out.

    This projects offers an opportunity for someone who is separated from family and friends a way to reconnect and not submit to Miss Cabbage drakonian and juvenile "church" penalties. Here is a way to stand up with some support behind you.

 In 2015 we saw the dark side of  Miss Cabbage,Tom Cruise and Scientology put out there raw for the world to see. The Scientology response is silence through signed  contracts.
It is very difficult to speak truth to power alone and there is no reason for that now. 

Contact Gabriel, she's a very nice person and easy to talk to. Verify what you must with her but be ready to move forward out of the shadow of Scientology. Here is her approved message: 

 "A highly-respected A/V team, putting together a new documentary series, is seeking survivors of Scientology—or families containing current members—to tell their story to help educate and protect the general public. They may also provide help with reconnecting with loved ones still in the CoS, or provide other support as needed. Part of their objectives are to use their own resources to help restore communication between family members or friends, if possible—obviously no one can make finite promises re specific outcomes. If you would like to be considered for participation in this docu-series or utilizing such a platform to tell your story, please contact directly with your name, phone number, contact info and a bit about your story. It seems like a terrific opportunity for the right individuals! Filming starts immediately so act quickly."

Don't be afraid, contact her now.


Jesse Prince

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