US Army Documentary Film

Here is a link to a documentary film from 1946 that may shed some light on the subject of  L Ron's discovery of "Dianetics":

                        Happy New Year!

     This is just a quick note of explanation for a notice about a new documentary about Scientology and separated families by a major  production company is real. It's not a Miss Cabbage "Special Operation" The notice is real clearly states what they are looking for. There are more situations that may apply than I could ever individually handle and I am not employed by them. I know how abused and afraid ex- Scientologist can be especially those newly out.

    This projects offers an opportunity for someone who is separated from family and friends a way to reconnect and not submit to Miss Cabbage drakonian and juvenile "church" penalties. Here is a way to stand up with some support behind you.

 In 2015 we saw the dark side of  Miss Cabbage,Tom Cruise and Scientology put out there raw for the world to see. The Scientology response is silence through signed  contracts.
It is very difficult to speak truth to power alone …

The Future is Here and I'm Feeling Good.

It’s been a while since I've written to my many friends with an update of my recovery and progress. Come November, 2014, I’ll be celebrating my three year anniversary of being cancer free! Those that know my situation remember I was in rough shape for nearly two years. For these last few years I have been recovering from the damage the disease and the chemo caused to my body. I received all of my cancer treatment at John H. Stroger County hospital in Chicago, IL.
In 2012, I moved from Chicago to a small town in central Illinois to take advantage of an excellent cancer care facility they had there. My condition continued to be monitored by doctors as I began the long process of physical rehabilitation. When I began the physical rehabilitation I walked with the use of a cane. I also sported a neck brace to hold my head up. Through the months I began to heal and no longer needed a cane or any other hardware to stand or walk.This whole ordeal with getting cancer and then fighting for m…