Saturday, December 31, 2011


I’ve Got Some News!

Since I posted the results of a cat scan I’d gotten three weeks after completing chemo treatments at the end of September, I’ve been on a kind of “break” from it all. There was yet another imaging test I needed to take to verify there were no tumors left in my spinal area. I had to wait until 6 weeks had passed since my last chemo treatment before I could take the test. I took that test on 11 November, and got the results back on 28 Nov.

Prior to my ordeal with cancer, I’d had little to no direct contact with anyone who had the disease. There was one friend I knew and had direct contact with who had been treated for prostate cancer. He didn’t really talk about it much and his condition did not prevent him from continuing his job as a tractor-trailer operator. Like everyone else I know, Paul kept his illness private. The practice of not talking about a serious illness (like cancer) beyond immediate family seems to be part of the culture.

To many times I’ve find out someone was sick after they were dead! I know I’ve gone to a funeral or two and heard people say they didn’t even know the deceased person was ill.

I have my fair share of friends and people I know. It’s been interesting to observe their reaction to my illness. Sometimes, when I would talk to a friend about my illness the person would just get all quiet. When they did speak they’d whisper. I could see and feel the fear my friends felt for me. There is a feeling of loss associated with finding out someone you know and have love for is seriously ill. In most cases there is nothing the person finding out can do to change the condition of the friend and loved one. There may be a feeling of helplessness that can evoke uncomfortable emotions. No matter how great your day or life may be going, bad news can be very disarming and has the potential of “changing” everything on an emotional level.

Well I guess we all know I am not a person that decided to hide my illness. And it was not my intention to go so public with it either. Like others who have gone on to write a book, I was in the process of writing and publishing my book as a blog. In March of 2011, I started posting “chapters” of my book once a month. As the story unwound, it became easier for me to write raw like that. The story seemed to take on a life of its own. I was just the person assembling the information and doing the typing if that makes sense. I was halfway through the story. Then I became ill with what I’d later learn was a super aggressive form of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer and it was in an advanced stage.
The story itself was gaining traction beginning with the first chapter. In case you missed it, here’s the link:

I got a lot of encouragement from friends and people that I didn’t know to continue to write and I did. Some people were impatiently waiting for and demanding the next chapter before I could get them out and that felt great. When I got ill, that ended the writing.

As soon as I could I had to explain why I had not written in a while to people who were following the story and I did:

That is how and why my ordeal became so public. After all of that huge distraction I’m getting back to writing the story again. I’d planned on writing maybe two books, but one book is all it will take. The first part of the book is done. The second part of the book will be about the last four years of dead L Ron’s life. No one so far has written anything about that and that’s where I’m going with it for all the reasons mentioned at the end of the final chapter I’d written. Here it is in case you missed it:

Seven months have passed since I’ve actually written anything about the story itself.

This brings me back to letting you know the results of the last imaging procedure I had to look for any remnant tumors in my spine, lungs or any of the areas affected by the cancer. The results came back negative. There are no remnant tumors and the cancer is in full remission.
My Oncologist is a down to earth type of person and she’s been a tremendous help to me. She is also very modest. As she gave me the news of the cancer being in full remission she got that look on her face again that I take for modesty. She told me out of all of the case files she has access to concerning my type of cancer, no one had made a complete recovery after 6 chemo treatments like I had, given how advanced the disease was when I was finally diagnosed . She just looked at me and said God loves you and is your friend. Until that point, she’d never expressed any religious or faith based opinion about my treatment.

November, 28 is when I was told the results from the second more thorough imaging test done 6 weeks after my final chemo treatment. Again, no tumors were in evidence so I am in the recovery phase of my treatment. Now I’m in the process of recovering from the chemo process itself as well as the cancer. I can now begin my physical therapy in Ernst to recover my strength. I really miss the physical strength I use to have and can hardly wait for it to return.

So that’s the current news about all that. There are only a couple of issues that I want to tell you about before moving on and I’ll try to be as brief as possible.

As a result of this experience I have a new overview of my life. A major paradigm shift in my thinking has occurred. On or about the second or third day after I was admitted in the hospital I had a death experience. Everything seemed to happen just as I’d read about in books or seen on TV. I detached from and then turned around and saw my sick body lying in the bed looking awful. A great and peaceful spirit came and guided me through what seemed to be a tunnel with a point of light at the end of it. I was given an opportunity to review the life I’d lived so far in the presence and comfort of the great and peaceful spirit.

At the time I didn’t know how to address or what to call this Great Spirit that just radiated love and peace. The Great Spirit let me know the question of whom and what it was was the least of my immediate concerns and that issue would be dealt with at a later point. In that moment I felt all of my routines, all of my obligations and “Now I suppose to’s” began to melt and fade away from me. I experience clarity of consciousness that I’d never had but somehow it was oddly familiar. Please have mercy on me with trying to explain in words what happened because I don’t think there are words to describe it, you just have to be there and see it to know it.
I could go on and on about that and maybe I will. I’m certain the right course for me now is to complete the book project to the best of my ability. I’ll end by saying this about that. I know without question this was no dream, or drug induced hallucination.

This was the beginning of an actual relationship with an all knowing and loving peaceful spirit that is with me to this day. I’m certain this was no hallucination or onetime event because of the way my life began change and is still changing.

What happened next manifested as the raw materials that make dreams come true and brings me to my second point. Angels and Saints came to aid and comfort me, I’ll try to explain who these Angels and Saints are in the order and sequence they manifested.

Last May as the illness began to take hold I was pretty much bed ridden. I had no idea that cancer was overtaking my spine and nervous system. Normally, I work at the US Postal Service here in Chicago. I was about to begin again in September but this was no longer an option. I was on unemployment barely making it as it was.

Then I was in the hospital ready to be dead. I had no health insurance and no life insurance. I couldn’t even afford to die, WTF! Time moved on anyway and I learned to appreciate life on a daily basis for what seems like a very long time.

My brother Ron Prince came to my rescue and took care of me on a daily basis in every way. I’m not married and I was not in any real relationship with anyone else so he picked up the slack. He made sure I ate every day, helped me to start walking again and took me to every doctor’s appointment I needed to go to until I got better months later. Ron is my younger brother so this was a humbling experience for me and I am more than grateful for his kindness.

My daughter Cleo came to my rescue while I was in the hospital and afterwards as well. She was there for my first surgery (biopsy of a cancer tumor in my spine) and physically held me while it was done. She had to drive for hours to get to Chicago to do all of this. She took over as my legal caretaker at the hospital and worked with my doctors to make decisions I couldn’t make for myself. She brought her mother and my grandchildren to see me while I was bedridden in the hospital. As a result we have all grown much closer as humans and as a family and for this I am so grateful and thankful beyond words.

As part of the last chapter I’d written for my book, I’d asked for donations to help me complete the project. After being hospitalized for three weeks, then coming home I was unable to sit in a chair for weeks. One day as I was practicing sitting in a chair I quickly checked my email messages. To my shock and amazement someone had sent me a nice size donation and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Paraphrased, the person said here is something to help with these difficult times. I’ve read about you for some time and appreciate the work you have done to help others.

I thought, maybe this has to be someone that I know but I didn’t know who it could be. I didn’t ask any direct questions because I felt that would be disrespectful to the person who was giving. I thanked the person as best I could. At the time I was getting my second chemo treatment and I told the person about my treatment schedule. From that point forward when I’d get home from having chemo for hours I’d come home and just sleep for a day or two. Before I’d go to bed, I’d check my email and every time on the day of my treatment that person sent me the same amount to help with the bills that were piling up and my special needs. This made water fly out of my eyes every time in gratitude and humility.

This was a perfect way to teach me something about unconditional love and responsibility. I’m still learning from it. As it turns out, it’s a person I’ve never physically met before or known anything about, a perfect stranger to me. We have since shared more information with each other and for me it’s starting to feel like a friend I’ve known for a long, long time. This person has helped make a huge difference in my recovery.

On a personal level, I think this person knows how much I appreciate the help so I’m not writing here to convince them of anything. I’m writing this so that everyone else who has been with me during these difficult times knows that I am not alone and have not been alone in this battle. In my life, I’ve only known one other person that could afford to be as kind to me as this person is and his name was Bob Minton. As we all know, Bob was killed for his kindness so I have no intention of putting that person out there by name.

I won’t belabor how horrible it feels to go through chemo treatments but its damn painful and not a pretty sight to behold. Towards the end of my chemo another Angel came and helped me so much. Her name is Shelia Hueber!
Sheila came to me all the way from Australia and selflessly helped nursed me back to health. Sheila is an actual nurse! I say selflessly because she came back to America to act as a nurse to her mother who was terminally ill with inoperable lung and brain cancer. Shelia and one of her sisters acted as on sight nurses for their mother’s end of life care. Sheila and her sister would divide the week between them. During the days that Sheila had off, she would drive two hours to come and see me and stay for a day or two.

Shelia and I first met in 1977. She was a 16 year old girl assigned to the PAC RPF with me and 180 others. We talked about this and she reminded me of things I’d long forgotten. During the renovation of Big Blue (Scientology building complex in LA) I ran a crew of other’s who did the actual internal construction, primarily building walls and such. Sheila told my brother and friends that I was some sort of mason when it came to construction and how I’d teach others the trade. I remember her as being a loud ball of energy and she’d climb up just about anything. She reminded me that my nick name for her was “little Monkey!”

Sheila said she remembered me as a guy with big muscles that could get things done. What a shock it was for her to see me as skin and bones with no hair barely able to walk. She never even blinked. She took me and fed me and helped me to start walking again.

I can’t remember how many times Sheila drove the two hours to and from my apartment. I do remember her driving me to my doctor’s appointments more than once. Sheila was the person that took me to my first appointment to get a cat scan to see if my tumors were gone.

Sheila made me get up and take her to a Blues Club here in Chicago and we did that a couple of times. We’d go to different restaurants trying to find food that I could taste and enjoy. She’d just take over when she’d come over and had everyone admiring her where I live. I didn’t know Sheila had skills with the Tarot cards and she did a lot of readings.

Sheila’s mother passed and it was time for her to go back home to Australia. That’s the way I’ll tell it anyway but she was magnificent to me and made me feel good about myself when I was at an extreme low. I am so grateful for the love she showed me and shared with me, it helped to bring me back to life. Thank you my Sheila.

So during the worst of it I always had family and friends nearby on a regular basis. One person I’ll mention is Jon Horwich. I met Jon in the early 80’s during my time at Golden Era Productions (Scientology facility in Hemet, CA). Jon’s father-in-law was dead L Ron. Jon is the only other person from that era that lives in Chicago. Jon is a great friend and I’m happy to have him around.

Another old friend came to see me while I was in the middle of my chemo treatment, Bill Dendui. I first met Bill in 1979. I was walking down the street. I was not running I was walking, eating a tuna fish sandwich when I heard the voice of God… That line is part of a monologue Richard Prior did describing when he first met God. I believe it’s from Richards performance from his ground breaking comedy album “That Nigga’s Crazy!” I’d listened to it so many times that I’d memorized most of it.
In the spring of 1979, I was transferred from Scientology Big Blue in Los Angeles to a Scientology facility in Florida known as the “Flag Land Base”. Bill was a Messenger of dead L Ron which in Scientology world was analogous to angels as messengers of the Christian God and that’s not a stage joke, in Scientology world.

Dead L Ron’s Messengers and Messenger Organizations were feared and revered in Scientology world. Bill was Messenger and he came to see me. I was the Internship Supervisor of all Flag auditor’s in training. Bill wanted priority consideration for getting the other Messengers in his organization auditing from the interns. Oh he also had to explain all his power and authority to me too! We were the same age and come to find out, we both had memorized that Richard Prior album. We would laugh ourselves to tears repeating that crazy ass monologue. Then we’d laugh about the crazy ass women we were married to and the crazy ass people we had to work for. If only for a while, Richard Prior’s comedy could suspend and disarm Scientology world completely.

Over the years we became good friends, got new wives and new jobs from Florida to the “secret” Scientology world located in Hemet, CA. Again, come to find out things only got stranger and worst. My final point about Bill is this; we never turned on or disowned one another for Scientology or dead L Ron’s sake. God knows we were tested but we never let our personal friendship diminish I guess in part because we were so much alike.
I hadn’t seen Bill since I left Scientology in 1992, but we’d talked on the phone. When Bill came to see me I was pretty much bed ridden and physically depleted which I know was a shock to him. We laughed and talked as if no time had passed at all and that really sent my spirit flying. Bill coming to visit meant a lot to me.

About two months after Bill’s visit, he suffered a stroke that left him injured. Bill spent some time in the hospital and physical therapy has not been easy for him. As soon as I could I went to visit him at his home in Los Vegas. I posted pictures of that meeting on my facebook page. Bill is on his way back and he’s doing fine.

Besides all the locals that keep me company, I had another old friend Brian Haney came to check up on me. Brian has always been a true friend to me. He is one of the first to get me out of my bed and out trying to eat and do things. It was a blessing to hang out with him for a day.
The final and equally important factor that got me through the tribulation was all of the people that contacted me via snail mail, email, phone and facebook. Because of the injury to my spine it has taken awhile for me to be able to sit comfortably in a chair. I had to relearn how to sit in the least amount of pain if you can imagine that. I used facebook as a connection to the outside world beyond my bedroom door.

There were hundreds of people that took the time to wish me well or be kind in some way. Many said they were saying prayers for me. Call me crazy, but all the love people were sending me manifested as a presence that never left me lonely. I’ve been reading some material about the power of concentrated thought and I’m learning about the power that can be generated using thought alone.

So that’s an up-to-date from me. I’m spending my time recovering and it takes time. For some reason I seem to think I can do anything I want to, then reality sets in and I sit by ass down somewhere for a while. In a way, I feel so lucky having cheated death the way I did, hope he’s not to mad about it.

I also want to mention that I got a really nice message of support from Marty Rathbun’s wife, Monique right from the beginning. She offered assistance from her and Marty despite our differences of opinion. This was an excellent gesture on the part of the Rathbun’s and I thanked them for the kind consideration.

So I’m going through what I’ve written so far and editing it. I’ve figured out a title for the book. I’m going to call it “The Expert” because I alone hold the distinction of testifying in a court of law as an expert on the subject of Scientology while I was in it and I continued to hold that distinction as an expert about Scientology after I left the movement in court rooms from Florida to California.

I know I’ve been saying it and saying it, but what I have coming for you will not disappoint. I’m still trying to process all that has happened in the last 6 months. I do still not understand how all that getting real sick and then getting real well in such a short amount of time happened. There are many more people that I could mention and thank for their help and encouragement but the fact of the matter is I’m just tired of writing about it now.

As I go through with completing the story, I’ll continue to write on my blog as well just to stay in touch and talk about something else besides Scientology sometime. There is so much excitement in the world and I want to join the discussion!

Thank you all so much for the support and I’m really looking forward to sharing this New Year with all who visit here.

Happy New Year to all,
Jesse Prince
December 30, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Please be warned and advised that my email address: was hacked overnight. Although I've recovered the address, this has not been fully repaired yet, so please do not send any personal emails to me at that address any more. Those who need to reach me can do so on, Facebook or here at my blog. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Jesse Prince

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jesse Prince-I'm Coming Back ..

Yesterday, my daughter and brother went with me to my Oncologist appt to go over the results of my recent cat scan and I was hit with two big surprises.
My first huge surprise came when my Dr. revealed the extent of the cancer tumors I’d had throughout my body. The Dr. told me that I’d had tumors on my tonsils, liver, kidney, spleen, chest, under my arms, and in my groin area. This is when I discovered that no one really expected me to live through the treatment. I never knew the extent of the cancer – my doctors had only discussed the details with my brother and  daughter who kept the distressing truth to themselves - that things did not look good for me at all.  All I knew up until then was that I had Stage Four cancer in my spinal and groin area.
The next huge surprise came when my Dr. told me that the tumors were all gone! All areas came back clean. Just looking at the expression on my Oncologist’s face as she told me showed me how shocked and delighted she was with the results herself. When she was telling me the tumors were gone she did it in a very dramatic way that actually surprised me!
I thanked her for getting me through the ordeal and back to health but she insisted that she did nothing personally to get those results. She insisted that she did not “cure” me. It was her contention that whatever I was doing at home during my treatment was the real cause of my healing. I thought about this later because I could tell the Oncologist was being sincere as opposed to just being modest about the whole thing. I knew I couldn’t think of anything in particular that I’ve done to get such a result.  So as I thought about it, I began to remember all of the prayers, love and support I’ve been receiving from hundreds of people from around the world. I thought about the times when I was so ill and weak I couldn’t even talk. It was during these times that God would come to me and sit with me and just talk and hang around so that I was not alone ever.
 I suddenly felt exhausted. I have been fighting for my life for months and now I knew I’d be okay. As the weight of the battle began to melt I wept for the first time. I wept not in sadness or fear. I wept in gratitude for surviving and my life has new meaning.
There is one more test to verify the cancer that was in my spine is in full remission, however it is too early to get that done. I have to wait at least six weeks after the final chemo treatment before I can get that test, which is scheduled for mid Nov.
The other not so good news is I’ve developed another fracture in my spine due to the amount of bone deterioration from the chemo process. I have a neck and back brace that my Dr. wants me to wear for the next two months anyway just to prevent further damage. Due to a side effect from the chemo I’ve had no appetite at all so have a problem with weight right now. This is affecting my recovery as I’ve been undernourished.
To get the daily nutrition I need, I now drink six bottles of “Ensure” a day, which my sweet daughter, Cleo insisted on buying for me. I think in the next week or two I’ll be able to put more food in my mouth and have an appetite. 

Throughout the chemo process I’ve constantly thought about procuring the documentation and information I need to complete my book. I was not able to write and do chemo at the same time but I have been preparing as best I could. I sent an email earlier about people who are willing to support my effort to complete my book. This in itself is a blessing and for sure will add to the quality of the project.
I still have issues with my spine in that I have a new fracture since this whole thing started and my Dr. describes my spine as being more cheese-like than bone. While I work on making sure I have proper nourishment and give my bones a chance to recover, I am unable to lift more than 5 lbs at a time.
My younger brother has been there for me since I became ill. When I was bedridden, he cooked and cleaned and helped me be clean the entire time. He has taken me to every appointment I needed to go to and generally has been my private angel. He knows what I need and he knows how to take care of me while I recover. And now, I’m finally through this and ready to go on again.
I’ve spent a lot of time lying on my back in pain, and then I was able to get up for short periods of time. I’d use the time when I could get up to play music on Facebook. I also used Facebook to let people know how I was doing from time to time. I just want you guys to know I am forever grateful for all of the love, hope and prayers sent to me by people out there. I really do think that together as one love we made a difference for an individual. This time that individual turned out to be me.
I say this to make the point that Facebook was as complicated as I was able to handle at the time. I really have been patient and waited for the day that I could post something on So here it is, posted here first. Again I thank you all for your love, prayers and words of encouragement throughout my tribulation. You know  I love you all very much.

Jesse Prince

Monday, July 11, 2011

Critical Update

Critical Update

Wow, these three letters perfectly describe my thoughts and emotions since I completed and released the “Finale” of my first book on April 27, 2011. I remember the relief from getting that part of the story out of my system and into the world. I can’t think of many things I’ve done in my life that was as difficult for me to produce and complete. My body felt drained and exhausted so I thought I’d take a week off just to recover and get my spirit juices going again for round two. By the way I’m trying real hard here not to make run on and on paragraphs!

Within a week of writing that final chapter I began to feel ill. I felt an increasing pain in by back that didn’t want to go away. I tried self medicating and healing to no avail. After two weeks of this growing pain I found all I could do is lay in bed in the fetal position. May 16, 2011 was the first time I went to Emergency at the University of Chicago hospital. They did several tests and informed me that I had the “Aides virus”. To say I was shocked by the news is a total understatement. I stayed in the hospital until the complete test results came back and was informed that I DID NOT have the Aides virus. This was a relief but I still felt very ill and wanted to know what was wrong with me.

Next, this same doctor diagnosed me as having Syphilis or Gonorrhea, but the test to confirm this new diagnosis would take a few days, so I waited. In the meantime I was given pain medication (hydrocodone) and sent home.

May 26, 2011, I went back to the same Emergency hospital and was in extreme pain. I was informed the test for syphilis and gonorrhea both came back negative and they didn’t know what was wrong with me. I went to a different hospital the next day only to just get more pain medication. By this time I had to have the pain medication just to maintain some level of sanity because of the pain.

A friend suggested that I go to Cook County hospital because this was supposed to be the best hospital in town. I went there the first time and they did some test and sent me home with more pain medication. In less than a week I could feel my life slipping away from me and I went back to Cook County and begged them to please find out what was wrong with me. It was then they discovered that I was in stage 4 Lymphoma cancer that primarily had attached to the bones in my spine. I was admitted immediately and a team of seven doctors began to work on my case.

Within 48 hours of being admitted, I began to receive chemo therapy for the cancer. I received several MRI’s and Cat scans and finally the pain started to leave me. The cancer had primarily attached to the bones in my neck and spine where the majority of the tumors are located. I was fitted with special neck and back braces. My doctors informed me that one wrong move could leave me paralyzed for life. I still have to wear the neck and back brace.

There was a team of seven doctors, (all specialist for this that and the other) that came to visit with me at 8:00am daily. The leader of the doctors was a tall blonde Russian woman. I referred to her as Angelina Jolie! She was stern but very nice and she coordinated all of my scheduled treatments. Another doctor whose first name is Shivi did the first biopsy on my spine. She is a beautiful Indian woman and I just fell in love with her. My first born child Cleo was there to assist with this biopsy and she is my heart and soul.

I also received a second biopsy on a tumor at the base of my neck, just under my chin by another beautiful woman who I though may have been from Japan or something. This one hurt like hell and still hurts to this day! I remember before this illness came down on me I’d sometimes joke and say I know I’m going to hell for the life I’d lived in Scientology. While getting this second biopsy the doctor had to cauterize the wound from the surgery which was right under my nose. After smelling the smoke from my own burning flesh the joke was no longer funny to me and I repented right then and there. 

I was in the hospital for about two weeks. I have smoked cigarettes most of my life and I smoked pot at least 3-4 times a week. As I completed the final chapter “Finale” I’d say I was nearly drinking a 12 pack of beer a day. I’d also become addicted to pain medication.

I remember going through delirium tremors while also going through chemo. I am now proud to say that I overcame all of these addictions at the same time and am totally clean!

This is why I feel so good now and my spirit fly’s high every day. To overcome these addictions means a new physical life for me and I feel as young as a teenager again. The mental clarity I have now makes me feel like I’m almost clairvoyant or something. It’s hard to describe really but I’m loving it like some guilty pleasure.

I checked out of the hospital June 21, 2011 and was glad to be headed home. I share an apartment with my brother Ron. My brother Ron is a guitar player of 40plus years and he’s pretty good at it. I’ve seen with my own eyes people bow down to him at the close of some of his shows because of the spirit he can evoke from his playing. He has a Jimi Hendrix style of playing that he’s perfected since the 70,s. As a matter of fact in 1970, I gave him the album “Band of Gypsies” and told him if he learned to play like that I would buy him the same exact guitar Jimi Hendrix played on that album. The guitar was a 1957 white Stratocaster.  In 1974, I sure had to give him the money to buy that guitar because he was there with his playing skills.

Ron and I have been best friends all of our lives, he is two years younger that I am. He is the best care taker I could ask for and has gotten me off of my back and on my feet during the last few weeks.

Tomorrow I go in for my second round of chemo which I am really looking forward to, no joke. So that’s where things stand medically with me now.

Back when I posted the final chapter to my book one I’d asked for help with finding a publisher who’d be interested in my story. An Annon friend came through in spades in that department and has already sent me edited versions of my story. I’m happy to say I now have the strength to read that now so I plan to devote next week to getting the work done.

As I’ve been recovering my mind is constantly thinking about my second book that will cover the last four years of dead L Ron’s life. When I wrote book one I tried to write it in a balanced way by presenting the facts from as many sources as possible without getting too much into my own opinion. I was lucky in that regard because there was plenty of information out there.

I didn’t write book one with the intent to malign anyone but that didn’t stop me from writing the truth as I know it. Oh there was some blowback and some people didn’t like what I had to say but I am not one to try and rewrite history, just wanted to present the facts.

Writing book 2 in that same style seemed to be more of a challenge as far as having multiple sources to draw from. All that changed as I was able to get the word out on my condition my phone started ringing and ringing. I ended up talking to a family member of David Miscavige that is friendly to me and provided me with information I needed. I also talked to people who grew up under dead L Ron as children who were able to corroborate my experiences of his last four years because they were there with me. Unlike Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, these sources are willing to talk and tell the WHOLE truth.

I’ve been chomping at the bit to get writing again but have been unable to sit up to do so for any extended period of time. In the meantime, I’ve just written short messages on facebook.

Anyway, I’m so much better now. My facebook friends have been sending me so much love that I have not had time to feel scared or sorry for myself at all. Since this has happened I have felt a peace and love that’s just been missing in my life for too long.

I’ve now reasoned that because so many people have been sending me so much love, and God is love. I’ve been getting this huge ration of God time in my life, he’s just been here so much lately so thank you for that, and I like it!

I have to write a forward to book one that somehow weaves in the concept that I learned the subject and activities of Scientology is just a gateway organization to a grand assembly of like-minded, well established entities which I will explain and have sufficient proof of.

Because of timing and circumstances, now in this day I am the only person in the world who is willing to tell you about the last four years of dead L Ron’ s life. What was on his mind? What was he doing? Where was he at? How did he die? Why did he die? Since having this illness, people that know I know who were there are willing to corroborate with me have come forward offering to help me tell the story as accurately as possible, a perfect truth.

This is how I feel I can best help those who are still in to consider leaving. Also to help those who were in it to understand what actually happened to them. Everyone will love it because it’s so raw and so true.

Now there you have it, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! I also needed to create a PayPal account for people to help contribute to this project as written in the last part of the final chapter entitled “Finale, moving forward”.

If you can contribute that would help me to make some moves to get the project done faster and I want you to have it now.

Thank you to those that are taking this journey with me. For far too long I felt this job was pretty thankless. I found out that is so not the case. I have more friends than I can count and I’m grateful for that.

Here is the donate button, press it if you dare!

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I love, loving and being loved so much! I’m back to get the work done.

Jesse Prince

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let Me Show You This ...

Here is a link that my good friend Patricia provided that gives and inside view of how and why the Lisa McPherson Trust was formed. Scientology took that away and we will get it back from them:

Here it is clear who was there doing what so nevermind the naysayers.

This is why I don't fight with those who were involved. I still have my hand at the hole trying to get people out! Now I  have my ex brothers and sisters to work with and the new kids Anonymous! So how about that!

Jesse Prince

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Apendix To Finale

I just want to thank all of the people that have taken the time to read the information that I have to offer concerning the subject of Scientology and the people involved with it. The "Finale" chapter contained high emotions, making some rough ass choices for all concerned and just trying to live to see the next day.

The reason I am taking the time to write in such detail is not to offend or condem anyone I've talked about so far. There is no fucking way I will assume an advesary position against any of the players in my story. In the "Hood" we have a saying, "Don't hate the Player, Hate the game."

I've had deep relationships with these other "Players" and the game gets rough. My primary objective in my writngs is to document enough facts, in part using my demon training I learned in Scientology by telling the perfect truth as I know it. Not a bad strategy because it has worked in every court case I have ever been involved in so far over all of these years.

AnonLover wrote a very balanced response to my finale on the "why we protest message board.. Another lady said it made her cry.I would be a total failure if I spent a minute condeming "players". The people that I'm seemingly complaining about I have loved dearly for real. It broke all of our hearts when the force of evil was unleashed on us all as a unit and as individuals.

Nothing I've written about so far should foster hate or rightess indignation in any way.It made me feel sad to write the finale. Like I said, the truth hurts and love can scorn.

I wrote this not to attack or have anyone attacked by my words. I am in morning at the lost of my friends. Not having them near like they were before. So please let's not fall prey to yet another evil witch hunt for anyone.

I'm trying to expose the game.

Stand in the shoes of any of these "Player" if you can. Might make your feet burn off because these people have run in, out and all around hell for years.

My story is an olive branch to the players of the game. We won't be fooled again. I still love you all, now how about that!

Let's really be special and heal instead of hate.

The greatest things we will ever do is when we try and do them together.

Jesse Prince
Revealing Demon Training on a daily basis!
Jesse Prince

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finale, Here it is for you now!

During the final evening of the Hamburg conference, after all of the events were concluded we all sat down for our final dinner together. There was laughter and loud talking through the night. As the party started to break up into smaller groups and such, Amy Scobee and I had our parting conversation. I asked her why she was doing what she was doing. By that she understood I meant why was she speaking out about her experiences in Scientology? Did she not understand how dangerous this could be to her personally, as well as her family?  Paraphrased she said she understood there were risk involved but she didn’t care. She also said she didn’t think the Sea Org had the same ability to be destructive to ex members as they had in the past due to the amount of people leaving the movement. She felt there were few competent people left in the higher and lower levels of the Sea Org to even get the criminal activity accomplished like it use to. She made it clear to me that she did not share Marty Rathbun’s glorification or adoration of L Ron Hubbard. She had no use for L Ron’s tech and she decided to just tell the truth as she knew it. I smiled at her and she asked me the same question. Why do I bother doing it at all?

I was prepared for the question. During my 10 year hiatus from Scientology I had time to fully reconcile that issue so my answer was clear. I told Amy on the journey of life there are many roads. During my journey down the roads of life I fell into a deep hole. It took some time for me to get out of that hole so that I could continue my journey.  After getting out of the whole, the least I could do for my fellow travelers is to post a warning or danger sign pointing to the hole, so that’s why I do it. Hell I’d even been involved in a rescue effort to pull as many people out of the hole that I could. Most of the people I helped get out of the hole took off running once they could see the light of day again. As a result for far too long, far too few were involved in the rescue effort at all. I found myself extending my hand back into that hole to grab anyone out that I could. The more people I pulled out, the less help I had. People just got up and ran the hell away!

What did Amy mean when she said she didn’t think the Sea Org had the same ability to be destructive to ex members as they had in the past due to the amount of people leaving the movement?

Here is an excellent reference that stands as a model for everything Scientology truly represents when it comes to “Attack Campaigns” against a primary target. A primary target as defined in Scientology involves the utter destruction by any means necessary of a Scientology critic (journalist, protester and ex members included). A primary target also includes anyone who is a plaintiff in an adverse lawsuit against Scientology or any of its many sub forms. Collateral damage is a given for any unfortunate associated with the wrong side.

Please take the time to read this excellent Scientology model for the destruction of anyone who dares to question their authority:

If you are using an internet explorer browser, you may not be allowed to view this link. However you will be given the option to download a Mozilla Firefox browser which I recommend. I will not harm your computer and in some ways its better than internet explorer. If you need a link to download the Firefox browser, here is a link:

Bob Minton took his concerns for Scientology practices as far as he could within the highest political circles here in America. Bob also created a platform for his cause and tried to alert as many government agencies in America as he could beginning in 1996.

Bob took his concerns to the highest level of Sea Org members he could and tried to reason with them. Here is an excerpt from the above referenced time line:

May - July 1998: Mr. Minton had a series of three meetings, totaling 15 hours, with two of the top leaders of Scientology. He hoped to enter into a dialogue about ending Scientology's criminal conduct, including fraud, practicing medicine without a license, child abuse, and human rights violations. He met with Mike Rinder, the head of OSA International, and Marty Rathbun, head of the Religious Technology Center (RTC) and second in command of Scientology under its dictator, David Miscavige. Unfortunately, the Scientologists had no interest in discussing their criminal conduct. Their interest was solely to convince Mr. Minton to stop providing funds to Scientology critics. They told Mr. Minton point blank that if he would quit giving financial support to critics, Scientology would stop harassing and intimidating Mr. Minton and his friends and family. At the end of the third meeting, Mr. Minton made it clear that he would not stop his financial support until Scientology ceased destroying people's lives through fraud and criminal abuse. In response, the Scientologists intensified their campaign against him. 

It was a couple of months after the above meetings occurred when I came into the fray. So by the time I’d met Bob he was already pretty “wound out” i.e. reaching a hysteria concerning what he had gotten himself into concerning Scientology and how that was affecting his life and the lives of those he was close to. Bob just couldn’t reconcile how a predator organization like Scientology could exist without threat or sanction by government agencies that by their very existence were established to protect an unsuspecting public.

During our conversations of the first three days when I’d met Bob I asked him the same question I’d asked Amy at the conference. Why are you doing this? Why do you fight them when it’s clear you are going against something that could kill you? If there was a way Scientology could get it done without getting caught or even suspected, you could be a dead man.

 This was Bob’s reply to me:

When Bob was just a teenager, he grew up in a household with his father, mother and younger brother in Nashville, TN. The house was anything but a home. Bob told me his father drank heavily and sometimes would beat his mother and beat Bob for arguing with his father about beating his mother. He described his home life as a living hell. He said one day his mother just packed up her stuff and fled the house abandoning Bob and his younger brother to fend for themselves. Bob described his father as a strict disciplinarian and he beat Bob as he saw fit. Bob said as he grew older and stronger the day came when his drunken father tried to beat him and Bob fought back and kept on fighting back. At some point during one of the altercations Bob had with his father, his father called the police and asked them to commit Bob to a psychiatric institution for evaluation because he thought Bob was insane. Because Bob was underage and had very few rights he was taken away and locked up in a mental institution for testing and evaluation.  I don’t remember how long Bob told me he was locked up in the mental institution but no one from his immediate family tried to intervene or come to his aid. Bob said his then girlfriend’s mother came and got Bob out of the institution and agreed to take care of him and supervise him until he was an adult. Bob said he ended up living with his girlfriend’s family getting whatever jobs he could to put himself through college and help pay the bills where he lived. He told me he truly felt a family love that he had yearned for with his new family.

Bob said for as long as he’d live he didn’t think he would ever forget the feeling of utter hopelessness at being held against his will while in that institution. When Bob heard about the details of what had happened to Lisa McPherson he cried like a baby. He cried like a baby just trying to tell me about how it made him fell to think how Lisa must have felt when everyone ignored her cries because she was just “crazy.” Bob told me this was the reason why he kept on going despite the persecution Scientology was putting him through for questioning it’s authority through Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder’s hands. It was during these initial conversations with Bob that I agreed to help him in the fight as best I could. Bob was fighting from his heart for all the right reasons so I walked with him.

From the time track provided, here is an excerpt that gives you an idea of the sophistication and dept of execution Scientology will go through to destroy an enemy:

September 28, 1998: Peter Franks, a British private investigator hired by Scientology, spread the word to many of Therese Minton's friends in England and to Mr. Minton's former business partner, Jeff Schmidt, that Therese, the Minton’s' two daughters, and Mr. Schmidt were going to be followed in order to bring pressure on Mr. Minton to stop his activities concerning Scientology.

Mr. Schmidt's office had been picketed and leafleted at this point for several weeks, as had his home, while his wife and children were there. Franks threatened to go after Mr. Schmidt's clients, one of which was the Nigerian government. Franks said they would arrange picketing of the Nigerian delegation to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) meeting in Washington, D. C., which was set for October 4-8 the next month. Franks promised that Mr. Schmidt would be caught in a web of an IRS tax investigation of Mr. Minton and in his own problems with the Inland Revenue Service, England's equivalent of the IRS. Franks said that unless Mr. Schmidt did something to help Scientology go after Mr. Minton, he would have serious trouble on his hands, since the seven-year statute of limitations had not yet run out on the activities he and Mr. Minton were engaged in together (their partnership ended in 1993.)

Franks also said that all of Therese's neighbors would be visited in Boston, and the "whole ugly scene" would be laid out for all to hear. The children's schools would be targeted for the same campaign, which would include teachers, administrators and parents, to paint Mr. Minton as a pariah. He let it be known that he expected Therese and Jeff to pressure Mr. Minton into quitting the work he was doing concerning Scientology.

July 1999: Scientology operatives broke into Jeff Schmidt's London office and photocopied extensive files. Mr. Schmidt was later told by a Scientology private investigator that if he could not convince Mr. Minton to end his opposition to Scientology, all of the files would be turned over to the Inland Revenue and the Nigerian Media. Mr. Schmidt called Mr. Minton and begged him to stop criticizing Scientology. Mr. Minton tried to convince Mr. Schmidt to go to the authorities and report Scientology's conduct as blackmail, but Mr. Schmidt was frightened of what the Scientologists would do to him and his family, and he refused.

Here is a perfect example of Scientology’s utter contempt for the law or law enforcement agencies. This is the right time and place to explain how Scientology is able to corrupt practically any government agent or agency.  It’s the untraceable money flow through the offices of high priced lawyers who then help launder the cash money paid to the field operatives and their friends. Scientology on its books carries whatever the dollar amount is paid to eliminate an “enemy” as attorney fees. The law firm carries the dollar figures on their accounting books as fees paid to a private investigator firm who then doles out the money to active law enforcement employees. The lawyers will admit to whom they paid money to for investigative services, but how that money was used and in what sums quickly become unclear. The operative theory for Scientology and its high priced lawyers is to keep as many arm lengths from the eventual victim as possible to limit liability. Simply stated, the scam is set up so that all can claim no one knows anything specific, especially those at the top doling out the money who happens to be the same people issuing the orders and paying for the service. It’s just that simple.

Through the hire of high priced influential lawyers. Scientology project operatives like Marty and Mike Rinder direct these lawyers to find the best ex cop, ex FBI or ex Sherriff or any ex law enforcement person to work for hire. The more connections the potential hire has with current active agents the better. This is the preferred method of hire because it’s easy to get cash money exchanging hands. These ex law enforcement agents have “favors” they can buy from current law enforcement friends such as providing a profile or files of anyone, public or government privilege only files as kept by any law enforcement agency. An example would be a paid ex law enforcement persons pays his friends cash for information and hands the information over to Scientology for evaluation. Driving records, cell phone records, tax information and past criminal records can be procured. This can also extend to getting law enforcement to look the other way while a crime is being committed such as a break in. Scientology also uses these contacts to procure the latest surveillance equipment for bugging devices. This is how Scientology is able to give a person that “I’m being haunted feeling.” Scientology somehow seems to know everything about the target.

After a certain amount of money has exchanged hands between Scientology and working law enforcement agents, the intended Scientology target also becomes a target for law enforcement itself by association.

Here is a link to a story the St. Petersburg Times put out concerning the “Project” Scientology had for me to illustrate the point:

During my trial, Scientology divulged it paid private investigators in access of $500,000.00 in private investigator fees alone to set me up for marijuana possession.  A few people were paid very well for that.

Here is a link to Mike Rinder’s parting shot when his “project” for me failed to get the intended results:

This is why any law enforcement agency that decides to investigate Scientology has the added task of investigating itself first, least Scientology play cat and mouse games for years due to infiltration in the ranks of the investigating agency.  This has already happened. When Scientology got raided by the FBI in 1977, they were tipped off by a police officer some hours before the raid occurred. At that time it was too late to try and hide files because all files were paper files. This was before the digital age of internet, digital files,  or computers. With today’s technology an early warning could make a big difference as far as what eventually is able to be discovered.

 I invite any active investigator to revisit as a study the information concerning Bernie McCabe as the prosecutor in the Lisa McPherson criminal case.  Someone should ask Marty and Mike specifically how they investigated the investigator using the influence of high priced local law firms. Some of those drunken high priced lawyers were starving for cash. Marty and Mike walked in with those huge Xmas bags of money and were able to get a lot done under the table. This is not my story to tell though. Only Marty, Mike and David Miscavige can tell the real story. 

Here is another example of how Scientology hires professionals to do criminal activities against its perceived enemies for money:

April 26, 2001: Jesse Prince received an anonymous fax at the Lisa McPherson Trust that indicated a man named David Amos might be willing to provide information to Mr. Prince about harassment of Mr. Prince by Scientology operatives. Mr. Prince was able to reach Mr. Amos by telephone. Mr. Amos agreed to meet with Mr. Prince in Memphis, Tennessee. That night, Mr. Prince drove to Memphis, accompanied by Patrick Jost, a former Treasury Department investigator who was working with the Lisa McPherson Trust to document Scientology's criminal conduct. Mr. Jost felt that Mr. Prince should not meet with Mr. Amos alone.

April 27, 2001: Mr. Amos agreed to meet with Mr. Prince alone while Mr. Jost watched them from his car less than twenty feet away. Mr. Amos told Mr. Prince that he had worked as a private investigator for Scientology from the fall of 1998 until the winter of 2000. He said that Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon had told him that Mr. Prince and Mr. Minton were involved in a child slavery ring and that Scientology was trying to expose them to rescue the children. Mr. Amos said he felt that Moxon had told him this story in order to motivate him to commit illegal acts to try to catch Mr. Prince. Mr. Amos admitted to Mr. Prince that he had illegally wiretapped the telephone in Mr. Prince's Chicago apartment at the end of 1998. He also admitted that he had passed on information obtained via this illegal wiretap to his Scientology handlers. Mr. Amos also said that he had set up illegal surveillance equipment to monitor Mr. Prince, Ms. Brooks and Mark Bunker in their homes in Clearwater, Florida. Mr. Amos reluctantly agreed to show Mr. Prince where the surveillance equipment had been set up. However, he later refused to travel to Clearwater because he was afraid of what the Scientologists would do to him if they found out. A report of this meeting was sent to the FBI in Florida.

The time line referenced thus far was compiled and produced by Stacy Brooks before she went back to and began acting as a Scientology agent. Her version of the time track ends in August, 2001.

The following is a link to a different time track that goes beyond August, 2001. This timeline was compiled from the many hours of deposition testimony of Bob Minton which itself was a travesty of justice. Over time, Scientology is able to manufacture whatever information it needs to suit its own ends.

This version of a time track offered the following disclaimer as far as being able to cross reference the information:

I've read through the first four volumes of Bob Minton's testimony and
>started to put together a timeline. I have not yet attempted to cross-
>reference this information to see whether it matches other peoples'
>versions of events.

Since I was there on the scene as the end of Bob Minton unfolded, I will cross reference some of the events that happened. Here is an entry from this timeline:

2002 January - Bob Minton calls Jesse Prince and tells him that he feels suicidal (Minton 9, page 105)

By this time Bob began to realize the gravity of his situation. He felt betrayed by the very people he wanted to trust. Bob was in anguish, sobbing uncontrollably and was threatening to end his life with a shot gun blast to the head. His plan was to get into his old pickup truck and drive out into his field behind the barn, located a short distance from the front door of his house, and shot himself. We were on the phone for hours. For once, Stacy was not with him at his New Hampshire home. He said he hated Stacy for information she had disclosed to Scientology in a recent deposition she’d been ordered to attend.  He was also upset with her for the pain he felt Stacy had caused his wife and family. He felt deeply betrayed by Ken Dandar, the lead council in the Lisa McPherson case because he felt Ken had extorted him for his money. He said he hated himself the most for letting things get so out of hand. He told me he had let everyone down because he could not stand up for, or help anyone, anymore. For that reason he was just a piece of shit who was now about to kill himself.

 There was also the fact that the Scientology Legal and Intel machine was about to have Bob locked up in jail for contempt of court, perjury and other “manufactured” charges.

As mentioned above, Bob had very strong feelings about being locked up against his will for any reason. I believe the threat of being locked up was Bob’s true Achilles heel and he had reached a fork in the road.

I’m going to really try and distill the exact reason Bob was so upset with Stacy in the hopes that the concepts are simply understood. So here is what is happened.

At some point in the fall of 2001, Stacy Brooks was being deposed by Sea Organization attorney, Kendrick Moxon. Kendrick asked Stacy about her knowledge of a bank account Bob Minton maintained off shore. From what I remember, the specific account in question was established to financially maintain the Lisa McPherson Trust until the end of the Lisa McPherson civil trial. Bob was trying to take himself out of the picture in the Lisa McPherson case so the case could get to trial. We were all confident with bringing the case to trial.

Scientology had been investigating ALL of Bob’s financial sources and bank accounts for over a year.  Bob had a lot of money and he had it placed all around in banks internationally. The main mission of those investigating Bob was to find money  he had not paid taxes on in the United States. Somehow, during Stacy’s deposition she told Kendrick Moxon about an account Bob had that may have had money in it that he had not claimed or paid any taxes on. Bob had transferred money from that account to another account to keep the Trust going until the trial could be completed in the Lisa McPherson case. Bob had taken Stacy Brooks and Patrick Jost with him to Europe and exposed these accounts to them.

I remember the day it happened. Bob and Stacy came back to the Lisa McPherson trust after the deposition and Bob was furious. I’d never seem him that upset before. He was screaming at Stacy and actually got physical with her. I intervened and asked Bob what happened.

 He told me Stacy told Scientology information about his accounts that would probably land him in jail soon. Stacy said she didn’t mean to, it was a mistake and she got rattled by the questioning. Scientology was also trying to get her put in jail any way they could. They had already bounced off of me. Whatever the truth is, Bob was never the same after that.

For Bob, this had turned into a life or death situation so I guess that may have been the reason he called me about his planned suicide. We had already gone through the “life or death” drill a couple of times before. About a year earlier, Bob and I were walking and driving around his property in New Hampshire.  I think the property was at least 200 acres and included what can only be called “The woods”.  As we were headed back to the house, we ran into a swarm of wasp and one had bitten Bob on the neck. Immediately he started to bleed from the bite and his face began to swell. As we entered the house I noticed Bob seemed to have trouble catching his breath. He told me he was going into anaphylactic shock as he got some pills from his medicine cabinet and took them. Bob also retrieved a huge syringe with a substance in it and he showed me how to use it on him. He told me if he stopped breathing to inject him into his heart with the syringe but I’d have to make sure I punched through the breast bone to get the medication to his heart.  Bob had an allergy to wasp and one had stung him on the side of his neck. The way he was bleeding it seemed like he’d been cut with a knife. I told Bob it would be best if I called the ambulance now but he wouldn’t have it. He told me he was just going to lay down and if the fell asleep he wanted me to sit and watch over him to make sure he was still breathing.  Bob told me the medication that he had taken would kick in soon and he did not want to make a scene with calling 911.

So I sat there with him and watched him sleep for about 3 hours with the syringe in my hand most of the time. As he slept I could see the swelling was going down and he seemed to relax. When he woke up he was a little groggy but he put on that big smile of his and assured me he was okay now and thanked me for watching over him.

Another occasion of a life or death situation with Bob happened at a restaurant in Leipzig, Germany. Bob, myself, Stacy Brooks, Mark Bunker and whoever else was there had just began to eat our meals when Bob suddenly looked like he was having a seizure. He turned totally red and he couldn’t breathe. To say the least this was a shock to all present. I jumped out of my chair and grabbed Bob from behind and started doing the Heimlich maneuver on him. His body was rock hard, like he’d turned to stone. It may have been the third try but I felt his body relax and he took a gulp of air. I came around to face him and I could see that whatever had happened to him had passed. I asked him if he’d choked on his food, he said no. I asked him what did he think happened and he said he didn’t know. Again he refused to be taken to see a doctor. He did promise to see his regular doctor after the Leipzig trip was over. We all kept an eye on Bob for the rest of the trip. 

Back to the suicide phone call, Bob said didn’t want to talk to Stacy anymore because he felt she betrayed him when she’d told Scientology what they wanted to hear in her deposition. Stacy was devastated by Bob rejecting her and she was miserable as well. I’d asked her myself why she told Scientology about Bob’s accounts. She told me it was a mistake and she didn’t mean to do that. She also told me she was going to do whatever it took to get Bob out of and away from the stress of Scientology. She told me she was going to call Mike Rinder and work out a deal. She said she had to get Bob out of the court rooms with Scientology and I agreed. Together Stacy and I were able to get Bob to calm down and consider other options besides death.

Bob, Stacy and I had some long hard talks after the above situation calmed down. It was clear that the Lisa McPherson Trust was over. Both Stacy and I made plans to sell our homes and get the hell out of Florida. This was before Stacy called to make a “deal”.

Stacy ended up leaving Florida and going to New Hampshire with Bob to see what kind of deal could be worked out.

After Stacy and Bob started negotiating with Rinder and Rathbun they quickly let me know the negotiations were confidential and they could not discuss any details with me, but they would fill me in when they came back to Florida and so it went.

The Lisa McPherson Trust was closed during this time and the staff was put on hold. I prepared my house for sale and went about the business of home improvement. I had a family at this time, raising two young kids so a plan B was on my mind hard.

Here is a good description of what happened next, from the “other” time track:

15 Mar - Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks discuss the situation. Minton decides that it is time to settle his differences with Scientology (Minton 9, page 88).

16 Mar - Bob Minton calls Mike Rinder in Los Angeles (Minton 9, page 86). Minton tells Rinder that he feels overwhelmed by the litigation and wants to get out of it and settle any outstanding differences. Rinder agrees to call Minton back to discuss it (Minton 9, page 90). Stacy Brooks made the first call to Rinder, then Minton called about three hours later after no response from Rinder (Minton 14, page 1853).

19/20 Mar - Mike Rinder calls Bob Minton and suggests meeting in New York on 28-29 Mar. Rinder requires that Jonas and Rosen create a confidentiality agreement to prevent Minton from mentioning the discussions on the Internet, as happened last time Minton and Rinder met, in 1998 (Minton 9, pages 90-1).

20 Mar - The Church of Scientology requests an out-of-state deposition of Dresdner Bank in Los Angeles. The order is signed on 20 Mar (Minton 10, pages 1315-6).

25/26 Mar - Rosen and Jonas write a letter confirming the confidentiality agreement (Minton 9, page 91). Jonas' letter includes a clause requiring the participants to hide the discussions from the court; "without trying to anticipate all the ways in which this agreement could be violated, it is specifically agreed that the discussions will not be posted on the Internet; will not be inquired into in discovery in any litigation; and will not be revealed in any court papers or to any court." (Minton 10, page 1290). Bruce Howie enforces the confidentiality agreement during the 19 Apr hearing in front of Judge Baird, although the Church of Scientology waived the agreement (Minton 10, pages 1295-6).

28-29 Mar - Bob Minton first meets with the Church of Scientology (Minton 3, page 311). The meetings take place in New York and Minton flies back to New Hampshire afterwards (Minton 3, page 314).

Shortly after the above activity, Bob and Stacy came back to Florida and asked all of the Lisa McPherson Staff to meet them at a hotel in Tampa for a meeting. At the meeting Stacy confirmed with the staff that the Trust was over. I think there may have been a final paycheck. I met privately with Bob and Stacy to discuss the new deal. In a nutshell, Stacy told me Scientology would leave Bob alone if he complied with the following conditions:

1.      Close the Lisa McPherson Trust.

2.     End funding any and all legal cases against Scientology or its affiliates.

3.     Destroy the Lisa McPherson case by retracting testimony.

4.     Enter into a permanent agreement to end all disputes with Scientology.

Step one and two were already done by the time they came back to Florida so the priority was to get rid of the Lisa McPherson case and any other cases Bob was funding.

This turned out to be a long day and a long night. For the rest of the day we didn’t talk about the Lisa McPherson case. Bob wanted to save that for after dinner.

We had dinner that night and it seems like we talked about everything but the case until much later. After the LMT Staff members and friends had left it was just Bob, Stacy and me. It was time for real talk. I asked Bob what was going to happen with the Lisa McPherson case. He said he was not sure what was going to happen. Stacy quickly corrected him and said it had  all been worked out. She proceeded to explain to me that not only did Scientology want Bob to stop funding legal cases against Scientology like he had been. They also wanted ALL cases settled and Bob and Stacy were going to assist Scientology in any way they had to. I looked at Bob and asked him if he had joined Scientology now. He said fuck no, he said we’ll see what these fuckers got and deal with it as best he could but he was not going to jail and he was not going to have his family harmed in any more. I told him I understood that but I was unclear on what it all would mean.

Stacy then told me the rest of the deal. She told me that she and Bob were working with Scientology attorneys to draft new declarations recanting their testimony in the Lisa McPherson case.  The plan included targeting the attorney for the Lisa McPherson case Ken Dandar to get him disbarred to end his right to practice law. This is how Scientology likes to gloat when it thinks it has won hands down. The plan was for them to say Ken Dandar coerced them and gave them bad advice that amounted to perjury. Neither Bob nor Stacy was concerned about submitting a declaration to the court about perjuring themselves. Scientology owned the right judges by then and assured Bob and his attorney that there was little chance he’d go to jail for perjury. They were just going to blame everything on Ken Dandar. Did I mention that Ken had recently had a double bypass heart surgery? I’m pretty sure to this point I haven’t mention the personal hell he’d gone through at the hands of Scientology paid investigators either.  

Here is more of what was also going on at the time from a time track created from Bob Minton’s deposition testimony:

28 Mar - Bob Minton meets with the Church of Scientology. Rosen talks about Larry Wollersheim, Grady Ward, and Gerry Armstrong. Rosen also discusses these cases: the Wollersheim case, the Lisa McPherson case ("the Florida cases"), two cases in France, a libel case in Germany filed by Minton, two cases in Switzerland, and Keith Henson's activities (Minton 8, pages 1036-7). Also present are Mike Rinder, Monique Yingling, Steve Jonas (Minton 8, pages 1039-40). The Swiss cases involve Jean-Luc Barbier suing the Church of Scientology. Minton gave him $25-30,000 and provided assistance from a French lawyer, Michel Pesenti, who Minton paid $250,000 for legal services. Pesenti represented Minton, Stacy Brooks, and Jesse Prince in three libel suits in France (Minton 8, pages 1040-2). The meeting takes place in Rosen's office. Stacy Brooks is also present (Minton 10, page 1286). Minton expects that the settlement negotiations would involve him writing out a cheque to the Church of Scientology, and nothing more (Minton 10, page 1289). Rosen shows Minton a "preview copy" of the lawsuit against Gerry Armstrong, where Minton and Brooks are named as defendants. Minton is also shown a "preview copy" of the counterclaim in the Lisa McPherson case, adding him as a defendant in the counterclaim (Minton 10, pages 1326-7). Rosen also mentions that the Church of Scientology has spent approx. $20,000 on a possible RICO suit (Minton 10, pages 1327-8). Rosen says that the Church of Scientology has spent approx. $34,925,000 on the lawsuits in which Bob Minton is involved (Minton 10, page 1332). Rinder wants to discuss domain names registered to Minton that contain the word 'Scientology', mutual releases (each party agrees not to sue the other after a settlement agreement), and an agreement preventing Minton from funding anti-Scientology litigation (Minton 11, pages 1370-2). The meeting lasts from 9:00 a.m. until 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. (Minton 11, page 1374). Rinder says that before they can begin settlement talks, Minton and Brooks must travel to Florida and "set the record straight in the wrongful death case and the breach of contract case" (Minton 11, page 1384). Sometime in the afternoon, Rinder says that if Minton and Brooks set the record straight, he thinks that the wrongful death case will be dismissed (Minton 11, page 1391). Minton also asks the Church of Scientology to work out a final agreement with Grady Ward (Minton 11, pages 1403-1404). The Armstrong lawsuit is for a total of $10,050,000 ($50,000 multiplied by 201 infringements) (Minton 11, page 1405). Rinder tells Minton that Ken Dandar has purchased several properties (Minton 12, page 1528): a 200,000-square-foot warehouse in Odessa (Minton 12, pages 1524-5), a holiday home in North Carolina, two homes (one for Dandar and one for his mother) near Odessa or somewhere north of Tampa (Minton 12, page 1525).

28 Mar - Bob Minton calls Ken Dandar and asks him to set up a meeting with Dell Liebreich, Stacy Brooks, Dandar, and Minton (Minton 3, page 312).

29 Mar - Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks meet with Rosen and Rinder for a second time. The meeting lasts about an hour before Brooks accuse Rosen and Rinder of not negotiating in good faith (Minton 11, page 1385).

Rinder calls Minton about an hour after Brooks and Minton leave the meeting, telling them that the Church of Scientology is still willing to meet with them again for further talks (Minton 11, pages 1401-2).

These were Stacy’s instructions from her Scientology handlers and she had set about the task of getting it done. Stacy told me that she was going to do what she could and use whoever she could to get ALL legal cases settled.

What Stacy wanted to make clear to me is Bob was done with the Lisa McPherson case and would not support it in any way. She mentioned that I needed to start thinking about recanting my testimony in all of the legal cases that I was involved in. I didn’t react to what she was saying. I just listened. She just kept on talking but again I had tuned her talking out. I was thinking of the gravity of my situation. I’m here in Florida with a family. I was involved in at least four legal cases against Scientology.  I’m thinking these guy have been convinced to not only back off from Scientology themselves, they were also going to try and attack or destroy anyone Scientology could sic them on, especially me!

I told Stacy that I needed to talk with Mike Rinder or Marty Rathbun before I could give them an answer. Stacy said that would be arranged the following day. We all said our good nights and I went home.

I called a friend, Frank Oliver and laid out the whole scene. He was just as shocked about the situation as anyone could be. I told him I’d requested an audience with Mike and Marty and I needed to be prepared. I asked him for a miniature recording device that I could easily hide but get a good recording at the same time. I had also decided I would still support Ken Dandar in the Lisa McPherson case. Both Frank and I consulted with Ken on my plan. Frank gave me the device. I had mentally gone through as many possible scenarios as I could think of. The basic plan was to leave the meeting with a usable recording of the event. The only other problem I could think of was just me. I was a ball of nerves and conflicting emotions.

The next day I met with Bob and Stacy at the Adams Mark hotel on Clearwater Beach. I was somehow able to keep my composure so far.  Bob and Stacy had decided to move to another hotel on the beach and that was where we were to meet with Rinder and Rathbun.

Before I was able to meet with Rinder and Rathbun at the new hotel, both Stacy and Bob got in my face about really needing to work with them on my recant declarations; they made it clear that unless I complied I was going to starve along with my family.

I tried to remain calm so I just looked at them, but then I started seeing red.

Paraphrased I told Bob that he had no idea what he was asking me to do.  I asked him if he thought I was lying or trying to trick him about my Scientology experience. Did he think he had done something for me to the point that he could now bargain with Scientology for my soul? I told him he was breaking my heart and I needed a face to face with Rinder and Rathbun. I wanted to hear it from them. I let him know that I was no respecter of persons and I welcomed an opportunity to light Rinder and Rathbun’s asses up. I reminded him of what I’d told him about the last time Miscavige and Rathbun tried to force me to do anything.

14 Apr - Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks meet for dinner with Jesse Prince.

Prince tells them that he wants to meet with Mike Rinder and "get right in his face" (Minton 12, page 1593). Minton claims that Prince tells a story about how he threatened several high-ranking Scientologists (David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, and a few others) with guns (Minton 12, pages 1597-8). Minton feels threatened and tells Prince that he does not want to see him anymore (Minton 12, page 1600).

14 Apr - Bob Minton calls Mike Rinder after the meeting with Jesse Prince to warn him about Prince's threats (Minton 12, pages 1595-8).

Stacy ran off to make a phone call so I waited thinking Rathbun and Rinder were on the way. Some time had pasted and I asked Stacy if they were on the way, she said they were not coming so I left. I don’t have any memory of ever talking to Bob Minton again. The train was on the track and there was nothing more to say.

Bob and Stacy had a new team put together now. When Stacy and Bob went into negotiations with Scientology, they also brought Patrick Jost and Arnie Lerma with them.

Here is an entry from the time track compiled from Bob Minton’s deposition testimony that talks about Arnie trying to convince Lawrence Wollersheim to settle his case with Scientology:

9 Apr - Bob Minton persuades Arnie Lerma to contact Larry Wollersheim to offer to pay him approx. $200,000 personally, and forgive the $700,000 loan, if he will dismiss his case (Minton 8, pages 1018-9). Minton first discusses his idea with Dan Leipold, who tells him to talk directly with Wollersheim (Minton 8, page 1020).

I don’t know how many people reading here know or know of Lawrence Wollersheim, but the above Scientology drill proved to be a complete waste of time. Lawrence would have none of it. Lawrence is the only person I know of  in the history of litigation with Scientology that brought his case to court, won the case, got paid for his trouble and NEVER signed a confidential agreement with Scientology about anything period. Lawrence and his team (which I joined in 1998) kicked Scientology’s ass in the courts hands down. Anyone else that I know of has sold a piece of their soul for Scientology’s money by promising to keep quiet. Accepting Scientology’s money in this way in the end proves to be a sellout. By settling money for silence how can you warn others? It’s a selfish decision to know of something that actively hunts and preys on good people just like you and not warn them for money, not to mention the lifetime Scientology tether agreement is always around your neck.

The attorney for the Lawrence Wollersheim case was Dan Leipold. I can only describe Dan as being a righteous man when it came to having respect for and defending the truth. I say that in summary of the character of the man I knew as Dan Leipold who has since passed on. The true story of how he was able to legally defeat Scientology and the suffering he and his family endured will never be told because he is dead now. A firsthand account is no longer an option.

Anyway, Stacy Brooks, Mike Rinder, Bob Minton, Marty Rathbun, Arnie Lerma, Patrick Jost and a host of attorneys for all concerned set about the task of settling all of Scientology’s legal cases one way or the other. They contacted as many people as they could on Scientology’s behalf.

The reason or excuse for this new agreement to work with Scientology between these unlikely parties I suspect had something to do with saving the cash cow, Bob Minton. Bob Minton had continually given Stacy Brooks and Arnie Lerma large sums of money so they each had a vested interest as well.

19/20 Mar 2002 - Mike Rinder calls Bob Minton and suggests meeting in New York on 28-29 Mar. Rinder requires that Jonas and Rosen create a confidentiality agreement to prevent Minton from mentioning the discussions on the Internet, as happened last time Minton and Rinder met, in 1998 (Minton 9, pages 90-1).

20 Mar - The Church of Scientology requests an out-of-state deposition of Dresdner Bank in Los Angeles. The order is signed on 20 Mar (Minton 10, pages 1315-6).

25/26 Mar - Rosen and Jonas write a letter confirming the confidentiality agreement (Minton 9, page 91). Jonas' letter includes a clause requiring the participants to hide the discussions from the court; "without trying to anticipate all the ways in which this agreement could be violated, it is specifically agreed that the discussions will not be posted on the Internet; will not be inquired into in discovery in any litigation; and will not be revealed in any court papers or to any court." (Minton 10, page 1290). Bruce Howie enforces the confidentiality agreement during the 19 Apr hearing in front of Judge Baird, although the Church of Scientology waived the agreement (Minton 10, pages 1295-6).

28-29 Mar - Bob Minton first meets with the Church of Scientology (Minton 3, page 311). The meetings take place in New York and Minton flies back to New Hampshire afterwards (Minton 3, page 314).

28 Mar - Bob Minton meets with the Church of Scientology. Rosen talks about Larry Wollersheim, Grady Ward, and Gerry Armstrong. Rosen also discusses these cases: the Wollersheim case, the Lisa McPherson case ("the Florida cases"), two cases in France, a libel case in Germany filed by Minton, two cases in Switzerland, and Keith Henson's activities (Minton 8, pages 1036-7). Also present are Mike Rinder, Monique Yingling, Steve Jonas (Minton 8, pages 1039-40). The Swiss cases involve Jean-Luc Barbier suing the Church of Scientology. Minton gave him $25-30,000 and provided assistance from a French lawyer, Michel Pesenti, who Minton paid $250,000 for legal services. Pesenti represented Minton, Stacy Brooks, and Jesse Prince in three libel suits in France (Minton 8, pages 1040-2). The meeting takes place in Rosen's office. Stacy Brooks is also present (Minton 10, page 1286). Minton expects that the settlement negotiations would involve him writing out a cheque to the Church of Scientology, and nothing more (Minton 10, page 1289). Rosen shows Minton a "preview copy" of the lawsuit against Gerry Armstrong, where Minton and Brooks are named as defendants. Minton is also shown a "preview copy" of the counterclaim in the Lisa McPherson case, adding him as a defendant in the counterclaim (Minton 10, pages 1326-7). Rosen also mentions that the Church of Scientology has spent approx. $20,000 on a possible RICO suit (Minton 10, pages 1327-8). Rosen says that the Church of Scientology has spent approx. $34,925,000 on the lawsuits in which Bob Minton is involved (Minton 10, page 1332). Rinder wants to discuss domain names registered to Minton that contain the word 'Scientology', mutual releases (each party agrees not to sue the other after a settlement agreement), and an agreement preventing Minton from funding anti-Scientology litigation (Minton 11, pages 1370-2). The meeting lasts from 9:00 a.m. until 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. (Minton 11, page 1374). Rinder says that before they can begin settlement talks, Minton and Brooks must travel to Florida and "set the record straight in the wrongful death case and the breach of contract case" (Minton 11, page 1384). Sometime in the afternoon, Rinder says that if Minton and Brooks set the record straight, he thinks that the wrongful death case will be dismissed (Minton 11, page 1391). Minton also asks the Church of Scientology to work out a final agreement with Grady Ward (Minton 11, pages 1403-1404). The Armstrong lawsuit is for a total of $10,050,000 ($50,000 multiplied by 201 infringements) (Minton 11, page 1405). Rinder tells Minton that Ken Dandar has purchased several properties (Minton 12, page 1528): a 200,000-square-foot warehouse in Odessa (Minton 12, pages 1524-5), a holiday home in North Carolina, two homes (one for Dandar and one for his mother) near Odessa or somewhere north of Tampa (Minton 12, page 1525).

28 Mar - Bob Minton calls Ken Dandar and asks him to set up a meeting with Dell Liebreich, Stacy Brooks, Dandar, and Minton (Minton 3, page 312).

29 Mar - Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks meet with Rosen and Rinder for a second time. The meeting lasts about an hour before Brooks accuse Rosen and Rinder of not negotiating in good faith (Minton 11, page 1385).

Rinder calls Minton about an hour after Brooks and Minton leave the meeting, telling them that the Church of Scientology is still willing to meet with them again for further talks (Minton 11, pages 1401-2).

29 Mar - Bob Minton calls Ken Dandar and asks him to dismiss the case (Minton 3, page 309). Minton calls from New Hampshire and tells Dandar that "if we continued with this litigation the way we had been, that both of us were going to get destroyed, both Mr. Dandar and me" (Minton 3, page 314). Minton claims that he has to travel to Florida to "tell the truth" about the cheques. Minton claims that Dandar replied "You can't tell about these checks. I haven't reported them to the court"

(Minton 3, page 315). Minton claims that Dandar told him that he had "discussed it with Dell Liebreich and there was no way they were going to dismiss the case". Minton tells Dandar that the blood of his wife and children would be on Dandar's hands if he does not dismiss the case (Minton 3, page 316). Minton claims that Dandar does not want him to disclose anything about the two UBS cheques, 93G and 93I (Minton 3, page 321). Dandar offers to meet Minton and Stacy Brooks in Ohio on the following Wednesday, 3 Apr, to discuss the issues (Minton 3, pages 322-3).

30 Mar - Bob Minton calls Ken Dandar and again asks him to dismiss the case. When Dandar refuses, Minton asked him for the $250,000, cheque 93I, back (Minton 3, page 322). Dandar retracts his offer of a meeting (Minton 3, pages 326-7). Stacy Brooks also participates in the call, accusing Dandar of lying to Minton (Minton 3, page 327).

Patrick Jost was introduced to Bob Minton by Arnie Lerma. Bob needed to hire an expert concerning finances so he hired Patrick in 2000.

June 2000 - The Nigerian high commissioner in London, in a letter to a Swiss prosecutor, accuses Bob Minton of money laundering and forgery. No charges resulted from the accusations (Minton 9, pages 58-61). Minton believes that private investigator David Lee is involved in the scheme (Minton 9, page 63). Minton employs Patrick Jost, a money laundering expert and former FINCEN employee, to help him rebut the accusations (Minton 9, pages 75-8).

Bob had given money to many critics of Scientology.  Scientology had already made Bob divulge whom he had given money to that was a Scientology critic via deposition testimony. Now Scientology used Bob and his new team to attack what he had supported and had feelings for. This is how Scientology gloats in victory.

Even the judge in the Lisa McPherson case was surprised and taken aback by how drastically the court proceedings had changed. For almost 2 years, Bob, Stacy and I sat in different court rooms in Clearwater and St. Petersburg Florida as a team exposing Scientology for the last three years. The Scientology team always sat on one side of the room while we occupied the other. Now suddenly Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks are sitting on the same side as Scientology in the court room in front of the same judge as before. Stacy gleefully assisting Kendrick Moxon with whatever paperwork or preparation Scientology needed. I remember just looking at her as she smiled and joked with Moxon who was on a mission to get Ken Dandar disbarred from the Florida Bar Association.

Besides the Lisa McPherson case, I was also actively working on the Wollersheim case, the Dennis Erlich case and a case against Digital Light Wave that involved an ex Scientologist named Brian Haney. I had submitted declarations in each of these cases. With the exception of the Brian Haney case, each of the cases mentioned above had received funding from Bob Minton. Based on the entries from both timelines you can see that Bob had provided funding for many cases. That means Bob and his new team went to work to reverse the work done with each person he had helped fight Scientology financially.

It seemed like Scientology would prevail in their sweeping plan to silence all critics under threat of lawsuits forever, but that’s not how it turned out. Some people refused to cooperate with Scientology and Bob Minton’s new team and that made a difference. Dan Leipold refused to cooperate on the Wollersheim case. He went on to settle with Scientology on Lawrence Wollersheim terms which did not involve Lawrence being quiet about his Scientology experience. Ken Dandar fought for his life for as long as he could. He did not get disbarred in the end, but he did cooperate with Scientology during the final settlement of the Lisa McPherson case and he signed a confidential agreement with Scientology to keep the details of the settlement confidential among other things. Brian Haney settled his case with Digital Light Wave for north of $80 million dollars but he had to sign a confidential agreement not disclose the details of the settlement.

Brian Haney is a good man with deep religious convictions. Brian was also a financial supporter for the Lisa McPherson Trust; I think he may have given north of $100,000.00 to the Trust for support. He was the only person that had the guts to let me know how Bob and his new team planned to deal with me.

Patricia Greenway refused to cooperate with Scientology in any way and hired their own lawyers to fight them at their own expense. Patricia was always right there fighting back against the Scientology onslaught. You can see from the time track that she and her husband Peter produced the film “The Prophet”.

Bob had a healthy respect for Patricia Greenway and she was a confidant for him. Even after Bob decided to go with Scientology he would still talk with Patricia and she would try to get him away from the group he was with so that maybe he could get another perspective on his situation. Patricia reminded him that he could hire whatever out of state lawyers in would need to get out of his current mess. She didn’t agree that Bob had run out of options. Stacy hated the fact that Bob would consult with Patricia and she eventually convinced Bob to end his relationship with Patricia.

To add insult to injury, somehow Arnie Lerma has insisted on different news forums that Patricia Greenway is and “OSA” plant!  I mean, wasn’t it Arnie Lerma that went into settlement negotiations of legal cases on behalf of Scientology? Arnie was also fully aware of my situation and he also tried to get me to cooperate with Scientology to “help Bob”. I told him at the time where he could get off. We have since talked and he still tried to convince me that Bob and Stacy had did the right thing. I could only tolerate his betrayal and ignorance for so long. We’ve had some problems since.

Because I refused to cooperate with Scientology my punishment was “disconnection” and “fair game” as practiced in Scientology. With the exception of the Wollersheim case, Bob and Scientology made sure that I was not paid for any of the work I’d done in the cases they were able to settle. Even though I stood with Ken Dandar till the end on the Lisa McPherson case, I was not paid a dime for my work. It was the same in the Dennis Erlich case; I never even got a call thanking me for helping. The Scientology plan was to starve me and my family and cause us to lose everything we had. Their plans worked for the most part.

I spent months going thru the stress of foreclosure on my home in Florida. I also had the problem of reinventing a career to support my family which became an overnight priority. Because Lawrence Wollersheim refused to cooperate with Scientology I did receive a payment for my services in the case which sustained me while I searched for a new career.  I became a successful Mortgage Broker within 3 months and was able to maintain my financial obligations for awhile. Then the “fair gaming” got intense. Scientology relentlessly interfered with my employers and I found it nearly impossible to maintain continued employment in Florida. Scientology practically owns Clearwater, Florida where I lived so I was fighting a losing battle of slow death there. All too soon, I was facing the stress of foreclosure again. My friend, Brian Haney was not allowed to help me, but we worked something out anyway. Instead of losing my house in foreclosure I was able to sell it instead. Due to the extreme stress of the situation, my relationship with my partner failed as well. I ended up renting an apartment alone struggling to survive. I accepted the failure of my relationship with my partner on the basis of there was no way I could continue to walk down the dangerous path I’d chosen when she had a family in tow. I parted with her so that she could have peace and a chance at life detached from my madness. My partner had never been a Scientologist so it was all Greek to her but she hung in there as best she could given the circumstances. We have no malice between us to this day.

My partner was a woman of deep religious conviction and she was the Receptionist for the Lisa McPherson Trust. Anyone who knew her just loved her and her Spirit. She was extremely organized and was a great asset to the Trust.

Until recently, I’d only had one conversation that I remember with Stacy Brooks since she’d gone back under Scientology control. I talked to her when I found out her husband Vaughn Young died. When I learned Vaughn died something inside of me just broke. I remember the day I received the call informing me that Vaughn had passed. I had just parked in front of a house where I had an in home appointment with the homeowner to refinance their mortgage. My phone rang, and to this day I don’t remember who it was but they told me Vaughn had just passed. I sat in my car stunned. Time seemed suspended as I tried to rationalize how I could get out of this appointment and find the nearest bar. I just felt like I couldn’t make it thru a presentation in my current state. That feeling of deep down grief refused to be contained so I sat in my car and decided to cry just a little bit so I could get through the interview and meet my obligation to my employer. So I sat there and cried real hard like a big boy for a while, then I got out the vizen (sp?) and put it in my eyes, took a deep breath and went to the door and rang the doorbell of my potential clients.

I put on my happy face and introduced myself and handed the man my card. They welcomed me into their home and I started my presentation. Somehow that grief monster roared and I was crying like a baby again! My clients, a man and a woman looked at each other in horror, and then they looked at me with pity. I ended up explaining to them that a dear friend died and I was only informed as I pulled up to their home. They were very understanding and made me tea to calm down. When my grief had passed we continued the interview and I ended up getting the deal. At the end of my interview with my potential clients we all laughed about the issue that if I cried at all of my appointments I’d be a rich man! That couple was very understanding and showed me some love that I’ll never forget. I could have been fired from my job for my conduct if my employer only knew. After that appointment I returned to the home office of my employer and let them know that I’d be taking a few days off to grieve the loss of a friend and they allowed it.

When I got home that day I called Stacy and let her know I’d heard about Vaughn passing and my heart was totally broken. I don’t know why I called her. At the time I was under the full attack of Scientology’s fair game practice seemingly from all sides. I talked to her and cried, she talked to me and cried and said we really should talk. I told her I was not ready to have any dialogue with her, I just called because Vaughn was dead. Can’t say I remember how, but we ended our conversation and years would pass before we would talk again.

Vaughn Young and I traveled on what I consider to be an epic journey together through Scientology and we were always friends for different reasons.

Here is a link that provides a window into the life of the man known as Vaughn Young:

Here is a link that is a synopsis into the life of Vaughn Young, please make sure you read enough to get a sense of who Vaughn was:

Because I have to move this story along, I’m not going to get into all of the idiosyncrasies of the relationship Vaughn and I had together as freedom fighters right here, right now but I’ve missed him every day since he left us. Once Vaughn finally left Scientology, he never submitted to them again in any way for the rest of his life.

However I will take the time to say this. When Vaughn was first diagnosed with cancer he was informed the damage was irreversible. The cancer had metastasized into his bones and his days were numbered. Of course being an ex Scientologist he had no medical insurance policy to see him through any form of treatment. He also had no money to pay for treatment that could extend his life and let him accomplish finishing his work for others in the future.  I remember the phone call with Vaughn when he got the news. He was devastated and had no idea what to do. He and I discussed possible solutions when I remembered that Vaughn was a veteran of the US military! As a veteran he was eligible for free medical care for the rest of his life. I made him go to the Veterans Administration for medical care and they took him right in and started immediate treatment on him. Vaughn was able to live longer because of the treatment he was able to receive. He spent the rest of his life creating a blog about cancer survival and his work in Scientology. The work he was able to accomplish in his life in deed lives on.

Vaughn Young gave up the ghost on June 15, 2003, about one year after Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks decent into madness with Scientology. Even though Vaughn had his own personal suffering, he was a rock for me through these maddening times. He was the only person that never turned his back on me in any way as we fought for freedom without compromise as best we knew how.

When Vaughn passed, I felt truly alone in the struggle, so I simply began to disassociate myself from the subject of Scientology and just tried to live while years passed by. Who could have imagined what 7 short years could do!

Yes beloved, now we move forward to what has happened since the Hamburg conference!

Given my state of mind concerning Scientology, the Hamburg conference proved to be a coming out party for me! Everything about the conference was a miracle and wonder to my eyes and this is why I was so nervous. Could it be true? After nothing, I was suddenly in the presence of some old true friends, old friends and associates I’d known in Scientology. They were out and telling the truth about the Scientology experience. The biggest surprise for me was this new group of people who involved themselves in the struggle on the principle of opposing a discovered Tierney out of the goodness of their hearts! Intelligently, they call themselves Anonymous.

On the plane home, I struggled with wondering what I could write about that would be relevant and make a difference in the struggle as it presented itself in these present times.

My new dilemma was the realization that I had not been specific enough with what I’d asked and prayed for. I’d asked and prayed for Marty Rathbun to leave the Sea Org, but I didn’t bargain that he’d get out and start “auditing” people. I guess I just never considered the prospect of Marty leaving, effectively bringing Mike Rinder with him too, all auditing! Is there no mercy!

It sure could be worst that’s for sure and I’m laughing as I write this. I ended up having to defend these two fucks at the conference and plead for patience on their behalf. This came up when the subject of reform and Scientology were intermingled.

Here is a link to that segment of the Hamburg conference that my Anonymous brothers and sisters have provided:

I don’t remember if I’ve ever posted my speech at the Hamburg conference, but here is a link that can get you started:

When I got home I started to research Scientology on the internet to see if there was anything that I knew about on the subject that had not already be said in many different ways. In the sea of information available thru a Google search, it seemed any researcher could find everything they ever wanted to know about Scientology in spades.

My other dilemma was how could I teach Marty, and his bring along Mike that auditing in fact is not helpful for people who have decided to leave Scientology. In my opinion, Scientology had already robbed, raped and pillaged those it could get to follow their lies. Marty and Mike were just feeding on those who had the strength to leave on their own as they were leaving, so that point had continued to torture me.

As I pondered this dilemma my thoughts drifted back to auditing and my old skills on the subject. Only David Mayo, Hanna Eltringham, Glenn Samuels, Dennis Erlich, Ken Urquhart, myself and a few others have real historical credentials on the study of the Subject of Scientology and have left the movement. Some of them still practice Scientology. The answer as to what I could write about started to come to me. What the above people and myself had in common was we had all worked and communicated directly with L Ron Hubbard at some point in our Scientology sojourn and times of our mutual  experiences varied greatly. Few of us had worked together with L Ron at the same time. I realized what I had that was unique among my peers.  I’d been there with L Ron and for L Ron during the last four years of his life. L Ron did not live in the same place where I lived at Golden Era Production nor was he there all of the time. He was there some of the time and that’s what needed to be talked about. To date no one has written anything about this part of L Ron’s life and this became a valid subject for me to write about.

I guess I’d be justified in calling what I realized during my reflection and research as a cathartic experience because I realized something in my experience that I’d chalked up as insignificant. I realized this insignificant circumstance became the key to solving the auditing dilemma.

Specifically, earlier I’d said:

“My personal chosen path when I left was to leave the movement without any promise of payment from me to the Sea Org for anything past, present or future. I willingly and happily renounced any opportunity afforded me by my Sea Org handlers to continue my journey up their ladders or across any of their bridges.”

On the day I left Scientology, I left the subject with them. I had no use for or no desire to practice Scientology in any way. That condition didn’t begin there, it developed over time during the last four years of my service to L Ron Hubbard which also turned out to be the last four years of his life. What a coincidence!

Admittedly, I have not always been the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to common sense so I realized it was what I’d experienced during those last four years that convinced me, Scientology really was a dead end road. At the time I realized Scientology made perfect sense until the end. When is the end? The end comes when Scientology has taken all that it could from it’s victims with their consent. The minute the Scientology victim ceases to be useful or no longer agrees their end with the subject is near. Soon they realized most of the subject never made sense in the real world in the first place.

Seemingly to illustrate the point as I researched, old friends began calling me about a new article written by Lawrence Wright for the New Yorker magazine about Paul Haggis. This is a long ass article but well worth the read:

I had to stand up when I read the last paragraph of the article:

I once asked Haggis about the future of his relationship with Scientology. “These people have long memories,” he told me. “My bet is that, within two years, you’re going to read something about me in a scandal that looks like it has nothing to do with the church.” He thought for a moment, then said, “I was in a cult for thirty-four years. Everyone else could see it. I don’t know why I couldn’t.”

You see, even to smart people Scientology seemingly makes perfect sense until the very end. Butter knife or dagger, it makes no difference.

Well, being in the butter knife category I knew I had my reasons for never again permitting myself to be subjected to any further Scientology treatment or training in any way. I thought as a common man, if I can come to this conclusion anyone can so I set about the task of writing about the last 4 years of L Ron Hubbard’s life and my experience with such, happy to have a direction to write towards.

I diligently set upon the task of writing about the last four years of L Ron’s life in an effort to present to people the evidence it had and then let them decided if more or any Scientology was necessary, but all of this “explaining things” flew out of my fingers first!

When I decided to continue to publish my story, I had no preconceived ideas of what I would discover. For me it was all just a matter of putting it all together and connecting the dots. That was working fine for me as I went along with my research until the day I felt compelled to stop researching and start writing.

Remember when I stared this I wrote:

I guess ignorance really is a bliss compared to how I feel now after discovering what I can only describe as unnerving and horrifying information that is very personal to me.

I do apologize for the long preamble but it was necessary to make the right connections with the story I’ve been trying to tell. As a working title, I’m calling this next part Book II. This is the end of Book I.

Book one


Wow! Getting thru this much is a milestone for me. I can honestly say I have never written this much about anything in my life. It sure wasn’t easy at all. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read the information on this blog. Please don’t worry about the information being too exclusive to have broad appeal. That’s not the case. Since I’ve started posting this story just over a month ago on this blog, I want to show you some statistics of how many people are reading this from around the world:

When I first started posting these chapters on March 11, 2011 until the end of the month of March, I received 5,092 page views. As of this date, April 22, 2011 there has been a total of 6,667 page views. This number grows at a rate of 100 plus a day some days. Yesterday there were a total of 125 page views.

March 11, 2011 is the day I released the first chapter “Back in the Saddle again.” On that day alone there were 540 page views. On March 27, 2011 I published chapters titled “Part 4”. On that day there were 940 page views.

Here is a list of some of the people and countries who have viewed this blog:

United States
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There is also a smaller audience in countries like Iran, Mexico, China, Brazil, Costa Rica, Italy and South Africa.

People viewing this Blog are using all kinds of operating systems:

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So there is interest being generated here on a daily basis since the inception of the work.

I realize it has taken me longer to get this part done than I would have liked but I’m glad it’s behind me now. I have strived to write this from the perspective of providing information that could be useful to those considering a career in Scientology or for those who may know others who are in Scientology and simply want to understand something about the subject.

 One thing that I’m willing to say about the human experience so far is in all fairness, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. However the test is this, after making a mistake or error are you willing to admit to it and make things right? When you know the lie is a myth but the truth hurts what do you do? Is there no absolute standard answer for every given situation there is?Yet that is the Scientology way. Scientology would have you believe there is one answer to everyone’s issues in life. How they make people believe that is something I will cover in Book 2. 

In telling my story I’ve had to include information about other people. What I’ve had to say about these people can certainly be taken as an admonishment of them. I’ve taken every effort I know to not ride the “Righteous indignation horse” here but a few people  would say I’d earned a place in that saddle.

Marty Rathbun, Stacy Brooks and Mike Rinder certainly may feel like I bruised some feelings but that is just collateral damage for getting out the truth as I know it. There is no one else who is willing or able to talk about these issues so I do.

It’s a common tactic for an invading force to “Divide and Conquer” an opponent. This is an intelligence tactic for sure and not exclusive to Scientology intelligence operatives. I have to say that Scientology practices the principle of “Divide and Conquer” as well as any other invader. I don’t want to fight or argue with Marty and Mike about doing auditing at this time. I realize there is nothing that I can say to change them right now. What I can do is show them and any other Scientologist what I discovered about the origins of Scientology. If a person still wants to associate with the subject after that, than that’s on them.

I have refused to be the person that keeps Scientology’s secrets or tolerate their behavior no matter what. This was not an easy thing to do given how long I was in there but I did it anyway. I’m not the only one, others have as well. My point is freedom ain’t free. When a person doesn’t fight for their own personal freedom, that freedom can be lost or taken away. Yes, right here in the good old USA, Scientology is on a mission to create a slave society using tax payer dollars to do it.

After about 7 or 8 years had passed, Stacy sent a message to a mutual associate of ours and asked him to find out if I’d be willing to talk with her again. I told him I’d talk and gave him my phone number to give to Stacy. She called and we talked for a long time. She told me that Bob wanted to talk to me and we planned for a phone conversation soon. Within two weeks of that phone call, Stacy called me and let me know that Bob had passed away. She explained to me how he passed and the circumstances with how he passed and all of the funeral arrangements. I really didn’t know what to think or say, I just felt numb.

Bob Minton was a very special person. By no means was he a Saint. Bob had amassed a tremendous amount of money during his life. It seems to me that when Bob found out about the Scientology issue he began to pour the money he’d made into trying to make things right for people who had been victimized and shuttered into silence by Scientology. Bob freely gave to all that asked. This may have been his undoing because despite the fact that he would give out huge sums of money there were those that still just hated him. Some people hated him because he had money. Some people hated Bob because he was not spending his money the way they thought he should be. Some people hated him because of his affair with Stacy Brooks. Like I said, Bob was no Saint.

Bob was more of a benign Angel in my opinion. I’ll always remember him for what he did do to help others. In a way, Bob became a Martyr at the hands of Scientology.  The two timelines above illiterate how Bob was killed in Spirit He sure didn’t live long after all of that happened.

I am truly very thankful to Ursula Caberta for inviting me to the Hamburg Conference. I think I had given up on the issue of trusting other people. To see all of the new people picking up the ball with continuing to picket and expose Scientology was more that I could have ever hoped for. The group that call themselves Anonymous came together on their own to fight Scientology. I don’t think they had any in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of Scientology. Based on the bully aspect alone, Anonymous stood up to Scientology and have been fighting every since. For that reason I dedicate this first book to the people who call themselves Anonymous and I thank them for their help.

Moving forward

When I decided to write “my story” I wanted to publish it in a book format but without the book. I also wanted to make the information free to anyone who wanted to read about it. Publishing in this format has its advantages because I am able to link to other websites and provide as much evidence as I can. To date, this has been a solo effort all the way and I could use some help with this now. In my experience, the most effective way to combat Scientology’s Tyranny is to broadly expose it. Here is my plan to get the message out there:

1.     Now that I have a rough draft for the first book I need to go back and edit and format the work. Maybe it’s easier to read in sections like I have it, I’m not sure but it does need major editing. I also invite anyone to write to me if they think I need to clarify a point or add information to it and I’ll tell you how to do that in just a minute. I need some editing help here!

2.     Once the editing and formatting is complete I’d also like to get the work translated into at least 2 other languages, German and French. Because many people don’t use the computer to read books, I still think it will be worth publishing in paperback form and still be free on the internet. I need some help with presenting what I have to a Publisher. If there is anyone out there that knows of a Publisher that may be interested in this work I ask for your help with getting this work to them for review. I will tell you how to contact me about that in just a minute.

3.     I’d like to create a website to host the information I’m writing about here and any other information vital to the subject. I want to do that so that I can host videos as well. So far this is a reading experience only, which is fine but I want to get some visuals going here to. I could use some help with that.

4.     So far, this has been a solo effort in every way. I have gone through 2 hard drives while getting this information out. I have had some wicked viruses sent to me that wiped out the hard drives. In order for me to properly document the information in my next book I need to purchase some materials. My intention is to make the information free to all that will read it but in reality nothing is free. If any of the information I have provided to you so far was useful or helpful I ask that you make a small contribution to the cause and I’ll tell you how to do that in just a minute.

Due to the nature of the subject, I am not using my blog site to blog on at this time. I can’t divulge all of my plans publicly yet. If anyone is able to help me financially all I ask is that you contribute $20.00, (the average price for a new book) and send it to me in a letter thru the mail. I have worked at the Post Office here in Chicago on a seasonal basis for the last two years and I know this is a safe and secure line to use.  If anyone is able to help in the above 4 areas I ask that you send your help and suggestions to the following mailing address, which is where I live:

Jesse Prince

521 West 61st Street

Chicago, IL 60621

If you are able to send money send a single cash bill if you can. If you want to contribute with a check that’s fine as well. I want to do it this way to ensure the privacy of those who may send something. I give my word to anyone that sends me mail that their identity will be held in confidence if you prefer that. I will also destroy all records of anyone who sends mail to me if you prefer that.

I know I need to invest in some “Dragon Software” programs to get the information that I have out faster and I will. I thank you all in advance and you will be hearing from me again soon!