Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2012 Lemons and Lemonaide

What a beautiful day it is here in Chicago. The weather is heaven sent.  We have a modest temperature of 72 degrees with a dry 37% humidity with bright sunshine. My day began with an early morning cup of coffee and a trip to the doctor’s office for a routine checkup.

Today is a one-year anniversary in more ways than one. Last year on this exact day of June 6th I smoked my last cigarette!  I’d smoked cigarettes on and off for the last 40 years. I had never gone a full year without the slightest puff on a cigarette before so this is a milestone in that regard.

After all this time I’m just now getting a Primary Care doctor. She is of India decent with decades of experience in physical rehabilitation therapy. I’m thinking maybe a reprieve from my Oncologist, the no-exercise Draconian, Dr. Jain. She is so physically and mentally gorgeous to me that I have a hard time taking her serious  until she says stuff like; Mr. Prince, do you want to be a cripple? Remember when I showed you your charts of the bone disease? Your bone structure is more like cheese right now instead of the bone it was.

The reason I got that lecture from my sweet Dr. Jain has something to do with my daughter and a doctor’s visit with Dr. Jain’s boss some months earlier. We make our own trouble, remember that.  The incident in question concerned a fresh x-ray of my neck and spinal area and what it revealed.  

Again, on this day one year ago, I received a similar ex-ray and for the first time someone who was medically inclined saw and evaluated the damage cancerous tumors were causing to my neck and spinal area.  I was immediately admitted into emergency urgent care.

I’ll never forget, when after further blood test were done the horrid truth was revealed. I was diagnosed as having stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer. The cancer had spread throughout all of my lymphomas glands, tonsils, both lungs, spleen, liver and genital area. I remember when they started the morphine drip; it was the first time I was able to escape pain in weeks.

The rest is history and already well written. The point being, heavy damage control was employed by a medical team to arrest any further damage to my poor spine.  Throughout my chemo treatment, later CT scans and X-Rays would confirm the damage had been arrested as a result of the ongoing treatment.

There was a psychological process that I had to live through to find a balance with my new life ahead. Call me crazy, but the idea of being disabled in any way never really entered my mind as a possibility in any reality. As soon as I was able to stand on my feet for about a half hour, I tried to rolled right back into my usual routines. In my mind, I assumed I’d just suffered something akin to pneumonia or maybe the flue that was so not the case.

Long story short; the day my sweet Dr. Jain told me my cancer was in remission, she also found a new fracture in my spine! This irritated her and my daughter to no end. Through a series of not so polite questions, my doctor got me to admit to the fact of my mistake,  I thought I was well enough to have sex again. It sure had been a long enough time with the chemo and everything. All hell broke loose with my disclosure and that was the end of that.

Given the circumstances, I was improving from the cancer at an unexpected rate. Mentally, there was an adjustment I was trying to make in relation to my activities and my health. I was told if I held any hope for recovery I needed to be patient and take all the time necessary to heal. I made the decision to do what’s best but it feels so unnatural.

I knew I had a story to get out and I thought writing would pass the time, but wrong again. I began to feel like life had lost it’s meaning somehow. My doctor had informed me after my cancer had gone in remission that her collogues had written me off as far as living is concerned. She was the only one that could see the possibility that I could survive my ordeal.

Surviving a near death experience was one thing on its own. Trying to reconcile the reason for still being alive plagued me for months. During the first week of my hospital stay I had gone through the death process. I left my physical body, turned around and saw how broken it was and went on to another place. I went through a tunnel of light accompanied by a great and loving spirit. This same spirit did a life review with me, which I found hilarious, and she brought me back to this plane of existence.

For a time I became depressed. Life seemed without meaning and unfulfilling. I was so happy when I was almost dead and I just wanted to go back. I had no problems with being dead to those who knew me in life. When I was almost dead being human seemed as inconsequential as filing my nails. In the dead zone there was not pain and no restraint! There was nothing I couldn’t do. Physically my body was about 24 years old. In that state I was only limited by my own imagination. During the weeks that followed, I had many exploits into otherworldly nether regions beyond my ability to describe and this is where I wanted to be, not here in this painful physical plane.

I knew that I had a book to finish but I was uncertain about the direction the story would go. I spent many days empty and blocked as far as writing was concerned. I was so frustrated and all I could think of to do is pray. Sure enough the story came to me.

I had already written some of what I felt I needed to contribute before I’d gotten ill. What I had written was good but there was a problem. I wasn’t the same person I was before I nearly died.  I had a new perspective on what I needed to write about and how to write about it.

Without further explanation I want to share with you the first few pages of what I’ve rewritten since starting the story again. I have completed what I want to write and I only have the end to complete.

Happy Anniversary to us!

Warning: If you do not believe in such things as God, Lucifer, Angels or Satan, then you must understand there are great masses of people who do and their beliefs, and actions based on those beliefs can affect you directly. Ignorance will not absolve or protect you. It’s better to know something about these things so you can be prepared. This is the memo.

This story is an account of my time as a Scientologist and Sea Organization Member in the Church of Scientology. A Scientologist is a name The Church of Scientology gives its members who practice and submit to the doctrines of Scientology and Dianetics as authored by L. Ron Hubbard, the god of Scientology.

In the United States, the Church of Scientology is recognized as a religious institution and has been granted a special tax-exempt status that even some mainstream religions envy.

The Sea Organization is a Para military organization created by L Ron Hubbard to help him take over and recreate the world. Members of the Sea Organization wear uniforms similar to those worn by the United States Navy. The Sea Organization has a rank and ratings system nearly identical to that of the United States Navy. They also wear the same or similar insignia as the US Navy to distinguish themselves among one another. The Sea Organization is staffed by the most dedicated Scientologist who has signed a written contract to dedicate the next billion years of their existence in servitude to L Ron Hubbard and his personal goals for all human kind. Impressed yet?

L Ron Hubbard was enlisted in the United States Navy for a short time. There is sufficient verifiable documentation in his Navel record that indicates L Ron spent some time working for the US Navy Intelligence Department. L Ron created a formidable Intelligence Department to protect his newly created movements Dianetics and Scientology.

Recently the Church of Scientology has been featured in national news stories because of whistle blowers who were once at the very top of the elite Sea Organization. These once elite members are disclosing stories of torture, enslavement, corruption, physical abuse and murder. Despite all of the controversy, the Church of Scientology continues to attract some of the most famous known and unknown Hollywood Celebrities, Why?

I was officially in servitude to the Church of Scientology for 16 years. My servitude finally ended and I was allowed to leave the Sea Organization on Halloween Day, 1992. Since then, the life I live has been in complete reverse of the doctrines of Scientology and the servitude it demands.

This story is a discussion and documentation of a broad range subjects associated with the Church of Scientology and life itself. The subjects discussed and documented here include:

The Technology or the “Tech” as referred to in Scientology nomenclature. The “Tech” is the written word of the reasoning and ritual application of the Ideologies known as Dianetics and Scientology. The Tech is also the written codified record of instructions of how to perform the rituals and practices of Scientology. For a Scientologist, the importance of having and knowing the correct Technology can not be overstated due to the stringent mental conditioning applied over time to members.

Similar to the Christian Bible, the words of Scientology Technology are always printed in the color red. These writings are bound in dark, blood red colored reference books known as the Technology Volumes. These volumes have a Masonic symbol of a single large gold embossed pyramid with three horizontal lines drawn through the pyramid indicating levels. Other symbols on these volumes include conjoined triangles with the letter S near. These symbols are also embossed in gold. The Technology is the single basis for the existence of Dianetics and Scientology; it represents the lifeblood of the movement

The Technology of Scientology is highly valued and sought after by Scientologist. Similar to the Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Mormon bibles; it offers total salvation through the teachings of its god, L Ron Hubbard. The Technology consists solely of the writings and lectures of L Ron Hubbard.

One of the main subjects I will discuss is my relationship with the god of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard. He is dead now and unlike other gods, has never resurrected. He did leave a message for his faithful followers saying he would return at a future date.

Included in the discussion will be L Ron’s biblical predictions of his self proclaimed role in the “End of Days” sequence for planet Earth as given in the Book of Revelations, King James Version. L Ron left a secret biblical prophecy that the great majority of Scientologist doesn’t know about themselves. This book will allow them to find out about it here.

There are some excellent previously published books on the Church of Scientology that exposes its underbelly. Each story tells of personal accounts of the daily life and routines inside Scientology and the disappointment of being deceived, abused and taken advantage of. This story of Scientology is different than those that have come before because it deals with the sacred doctrine of Hubbard’s philosophy referred to as the Technology. Again, every other aspect of the Church of Scientology exists solely to support the Technology. The Technology seems to attract high-powered Hollywood Celebrities and executives like flies to …candy. There is historical precedence for Celebrity attraction to the occult. The reason for this may be simple economics. It’s expensive to participate in the occult, esp. if you’re talking about Scientology, but I’m getting ahead of the story here.

I’ll also discuss the process of moving up the magic levels within Scientology. I guess becoming a “Higher Up” in any aspect of life has its privilege. I became a Higher Up in the inner circle of L Ron’s Military.

L Ron Hubbard was an active hands on kind of god for his created religion. He personally created and named all of the staff positions and titles for his church organizations.

A few short years before his death, L Ron Hubbard created what would be the last Technical staff position to preserve the precious Scientology Technology. He ordered his personal staff to find the most qualified and skilled adept from his advance level churches to fill the Technical position. Once found he wanted the adept brought to his secret facility near Hemet, CA, which is the international management headquarters for Dianetics and Scientology. The cover name for this location is “Golden Era Productions.” The idea was to bring the qualified adept near where L Ron intended to live to help him correct and train an international management team he was forming to take over his job of running the day-to-day operations of Scientology.

He called the new Technical position “Inspector General Cramming Officer”. An Inspector General Network was created as the Eye or top of the pyramid of all Scientology and Dianetics corporations; similar to the Inspector General’s in the Free Masons. Inspector Generals in the Free Masonic organization are at the very top of the pyramid at levels 30-33. Most Scientologists and Sea Org members don’t understand the correlation between Scientology and Free Masonry because this has been hidden from them. They will aggressively disavow Free Masonry and argue with you about it until they froth at the mouth but that doesn’t alter the facts. Alistair Crowley was an early mentor to L Ron Hubbard. Among other things Crowley was known to be a high level Free Mason Inspector General.

The current leader of Scientology, David Miscavige was charged with the duty of finding the perfect candidate for the new position and he did. That person ended up being me. Mercifully, this only lasted for about 5 years from 1982-1987. These years gave me an insight into L Ron and Scientology that I would have never gotten any other way so I guess I should be grateful for that. Much later I would understand there is impossible to find out what Scientology really is while being a member. It is strictly forbidden for Scientologist to read about or associated with any person or organization that contravenes its doctrine and tenets. For members, violators are subject to imprisonment in Scientology work camps. Individuals and organizations that oppose or question the authority and doctrine of Dianetics or Scientology are targeted for extinction by the Scientology Sea Organization’s Secret Service department.

That brings us to the next discussion and documentation. As some may understand, all mainstream religious organizations posses a secret intelligence department, some I know the names of and some I don’t. Probably the most known and notorious Intelligence Agency is the Israeli Mussed. There are also the Christian Jesuits and the Scientology Office of Special Affairs. Part of this discussion will be about my association with Scientology’s intelligence networks in their various forms and activities, actual identities are not withheld. I spent some years in Scientology learning the game of espionage and counter espionage. I learned tactics to eliminate an enemy target using legal and illegal means.  I was a trusted participant in the inner circle of the Sea Organization “Higher Up’s” for a time when I lost my faith.

There is also an ongoing discussion and documentation of my activism against abusive and deceptive tactics of Scientology I once practiced and supported as a Scientologist and Sea Org Member.

I’ve been writing this story for the last fourteen years. Sure didn’t always know how all of the pieces would fit together but I’ve managed to blend what was written with now, 2012.

I began to blend the pieces of the story together in March 2010. A brush with cancer nearly caused my death and put the project on hold for a year. I survived the threat and now in 2012 the writing continues.

The theme that binds this story is a conference I was invited to that was held in Hamburg, Germany. 

Part of this discussion is an account of how a small group of others and myself decided to take on Scientology and the Sea Org in some sort of modern day David and Goliath story. Things didn’t work out so well for us. We ended up getting the holy shit kicked out of us and money did not save us. It is a heartbreaking story and when it was over you’d think it was done but oh no! Some good people still left here on Earth banned together and picked up the torch.

You’ll find out who the Hero’s and the Villains of this story are soon enough. First I need to make special mention of two of the characters for the readers who know nothing about any of this so they can understand when I introduce material I’ve written earlier.

Marty Rathbun was the head of Scientology’s Secret Service for decades. He was preceded by L Ron Hubbard’s wife Mary Sue Hubbard and Jane Kember as heads of Scientology’s Secret Service. Both of these ladies were sent to prison for a time for taking the fall for L Ron Hubbard when some of his secret agents were caught and convicted for breaking and entering government officers in the United States of America. The Church of Scientology is an International Organization with franchise offices or churches in most European countries.

Besides a group of lawyers, Marty was the last person I talked to and sign papers with before I was allowed to walk out the doors of the Sea Org forever. After I left it became Marty’s job and priority to eradicate me in any way he could without implicating the church. Marty was very creative with his attempts to eradicate or silence me as an enemy target. We have done battle in courtrooms coast to coast across the USA. I also had to fight him on the streets by proxy. Private Investigators, Prostitutes, Gay Men Prostitutes, and police were at his hire and disposal to eliminate me as an enemy target. Some of these events and activities will be discussed and documented here.

Marty has since left the Church of Scientology in disgrace in the opinion of his former boss David Miscavige. Like many others, Marty had to run away to get away. Sometimes this is the only way you can leave Scientology but this is still not a guarantee. They will find the escaped person and bring them back. This is how it was for me before I was allowed to walk out.

Mike Rinder is another name you’ll read and I’ll introduce him. Mike Rinder was the President and Public Relations spokesman within the Sea Organization for the Church of Scientology International for many years. I have known of Mike for decades. I say known of him because while we were around or near each other for years we never had any direct interaction with one another.  I had plenty of congress with his ex wife Cathy Rinder. I write that tongue in cheek but Cathy and I have gone coast to coast here in the USA doing what Sea Org members refer to as Sea Org missions.  In essence most Sea Org missions involve the hostile takeover of one of its own church organizations or franchise units for a short time to make it produce more income.

I had gone on these types of missions with Cathy Rinder as the In-Charge and me as the Technical Person to Scientology Organizations in Seattle, WA, San Diego, CA and cities in between. We knew each other as human beings, not lovers. I respect her as a person to this day.

For a short time in recent history, Mike Rinder became the head of the Sea Org Secret Service when it operated under the name Office of Special Affairs. He played an active role in perusing a small group of others and myself who opposed Scientology and the Sea Organization to extinction.  Some of the activities Rinder employed to cause that extinction are discussed here.

I’ll also discuss and document criminal activities I participated in on behalf of Scientology and the Sea Organization. I am not a self-deprecating human being and it is not my intent to condemn anyone mentioned here since I am using actual names. I present this story for the purpose of information and to serve as a warning to the next potential unsuspecting victim. Again, this is the memo.

I’ll also discuss what I know about a cultural phenomenon known for aggressively fighting against nameless oppressors with their own nameless faces. The phenomenon calls itself Anonymous. 

This story opens with a conference held in Hamburg Germany, in the spring of 2010:

Now it begins.


  1. God bless you for telling this vitally important story, Jesse. It appears you were brought back to us from the "other side" for an excellent reason. A lot of staff, ex-staff, past and present scienos and ex-Int Staff (me included) need to hear your story to help make sense of what the hell we got involved with. The depth of the deception we all experienced (and, in turn, made others experience) is unbelieveable. Can't wait for your book to come out and pull the mask from L. Ron and his "legacy"!

  2. Incredible story, but there are a few issues I have with it concerning Aleister Crowley: First of all, he initiated into what was known as a Black Mason lodge (basically a rogue lodge defraternized from the "official" mason group) and even that was more of a token gesture to move up the grades in the main group he was interested in: The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Now L. Ron Hubbard rented out a room of a house owned by a man by the name of Jack Parsons, who happened to be a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis, an occult group that by that time, crowley was head of. Though he never actual met Aleister Crowley, based on letters written by Crowley to Parsins, he thought that L. Ron Hubbard was a "dolt", and a con man. L. Ron Hubbard man have learned from a few of Crowley's teaching by proxy, but he was NOT a mentor to Hubbard. Also, Crowley's teachings of True Will (which is not the same as a persons conscious will) is at odds with scientology. Especially since no on can tell you what your true will is.

  3. Hey Jesse,

    I hope you're able to read this, and I sincerely hope you are getting better. It seems absolutely crazy the amount of ex-$cns who have/are coming down with cancer, and it seems to be beyond the realm of sheer coincidence the shocking number of you suffering out there. :(

    I've read all your affadavits over the years, and have been watching your vids (the Hamburg ones just now - nicely done, BTW - you're an excellent speaker :) ), and I applaud everything you've stood for since you escaped the cult.

    Keep on keeping on, man - I hope to read/watch more from you soon!

    Best wishes and much love from the UK,

  4. Now it begins...

    Please let it continue Jesse.

    Hope you are well.


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