Saturday, April 30, 2011

Apendix To Finale

I just want to thank all of the people that have taken the time to read the information that I have to offer concerning the subject of Scientology and the people involved with it. The "Finale" chapter contained high emotions, making some rough ass choices for all concerned and just trying to live to see the next day.

The reason I am taking the time to write in such detail is not to offend or condem anyone I've talked about so far. There is no fucking way I will assume an advesary position against any of the players in my story. In the "Hood" we have a saying, "Don't hate the Player, Hate the game."

I've had deep relationships with these other "Players" and the game gets rough. My primary objective in my writngs is to document enough facts, in part using my demon training I learned in Scientology by telling the perfect truth as I know it. Not a bad strategy because it has worked in every court case I have ever been involved in so far over all of these years.

AnonLover wrote a very balanced response to my finale on the "why we protest message board.. Another lady said it made her cry.I would be a total failure if I spent a minute condeming "players". The people that I'm seemingly complaining about I have loved dearly for real. It broke all of our hearts when the force of evil was unleashed on us all as a unit and as individuals.

Nothing I've written about so far should foster hate or rightess indignation in any way.It made me feel sad to write the finale. Like I said, the truth hurts and love can scorn.

I wrote this not to attack or have anyone attacked by my words. I am in morning at the lost of my friends. Not having them near like they were before. So please let's not fall prey to yet another evil witch hunt for anyone.

I'm trying to expose the game.

Stand in the shoes of any of these "Player" if you can. Might make your feet burn off because these people have run in, out and all around hell for years.

My story is an olive branch to the players of the game. We won't be fooled again. I still love you all, now how about that!

Let's really be special and heal instead of hate.

The greatest things we will ever do is when we try and do them together.

Jesse Prince
Revealing Demon Training on a daily basis!
Jesse Prince


  1. Please keep posting on the subject of the cult. I love your honesty and insight, but remember to keep focus on real life. There's lot's of good to experience out there. Like coming to visit in Norway! Too many retain a glorifying view on Lron, refreshing to see all don't. :)

  2. Since things get buried and lost rather quick on whyweprotest, i believe this is the post (errr, rant?) i made that Jesse refers too:


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